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  [email protected] 13:08 30 Aug 2009

I have decided to replace my old "boombox" CD/Cassette player with an iPod and docking station, but don't know much about it all.
I understand:
iPod - mobile, large capacity media storage.
Docking station - speakers passive good, speakers active better, proper ampli much better, radio/clock etc not really necessary for me, but then comes - USB connection.
Is that so you can attach a flash drive and update the media? Does the stand-alone iPod have a USB connection for this reason? Can the whole thing be connected to a computer?
Complete newbie here so any advice in simple terms would be appreciated, and thanks.

  [email protected] 13:12 30 Aug 2009

Something I do know about iTunes.
When you install it; despite ticking the "Do no import media at this time" box, it still searches your HDD and imports whatever it finds, like half a million minute .WAV files which go to make up the various sounds of Flight Simulator (engines/cabin gongs/doors/flaps) etc :-(
Easy enough to remove but who needs it...

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:16 30 Aug 2009

Get one of these click here - a bit pricey but you will fill a large room with excellent quality sound.
You can set defaults when you load the Ipod onto your system. I have an Ipod and Itouch and they only search for contacts, never for music.
Get an Ipod with as large a capacity as you can afford.
You connect your Ipod to your computer by the supplied lead (Ipod to USB) and the Itunes programme will start automatically and also check for updates. You can disable autostart and just start it your self..click here and click here gives fairly clear explanations.


  [email protected] 14:19 30 Aug 2009

Thanks GANDALF <|:-)>
Plenty to go on there.
The Bose looks the dogs and thanks for the links ;-)

  [email protected] 14:22 30 Aug 2009

This was what I had in mind.
click here
Obviously not the same spec as the Bose, and an 8Gb Nano.
Should be OK?

  john bunyan 16:00 30 Aug 2009

I bought an Intempo i Pod dock that has DAB and FM radio, a 30 watt speaker system and is quite compact and good all round - not sure o the model; it was £127 in Dixons. The Bose did not have a radio, ad I wanted to replace an older Cd/ cassette/ radio.
I always set mt i Tunes to " do not auto synch" as between my wife and grandchildren we have about 4 iPods and two libraries.(We have two Classics and a Touch)

  john bunyan 16:13 30 Aug 2009

Here it is :
click here
My wife's i Pod Classic (120 gig) now has all the tracks on our old CD's , vinyl and cassettes. If devoted to music it could hold up to between 30 - 40 000 tunes, depending on compression.
Thi i Pod battery is charged either by USB to the PC, on the dock, or with a seperate adapter ( I got one that works in UK, EU and in the car.
The Touch (32 gig), in my view, more for those who want a bigger screen for films, games etc.

  ^wave^ 19:03 30 Aug 2009

want some good reading everything ipod go to ilounge

  [email protected] 15:19 31 Aug 2009

Thanks everyone.
Much obliged for all the feedback.

  Al94 21:16 01 Sep 2009

While GANDALF <|:-)> 's recommendation is a good one, can I also recommend for a few £ more the Pure Avanti docking station, internet radio, fm and DAB receiver which has sound quality pretty close to Bose and is an excellent piece of kit click here now on Amazon for under £240

  AL47 23:34 02 Dec 2009

i personally would stay away from bose, ur paying for a brand name, not quality

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