iPod battery

  Munchkin 20:45 01 Aug 2007

Does anybody have any feedback on the actual length of time the battery in an iPod will last before the entire unit needs sent back to Apple for a replacement battery to be installed?

  Stuartli 23:01 01 Aug 2007

Don't know how long they last, but I know at least one owner who replaced the battery himself.

  keef66 15:04 02 Aug 2007

about a year seems common.

DIY instructions abound on the web, as do cheaper batteries than those from Apple.

I replaced the battery in my son's Philips MP3 player fo a fiver and it ran for another year. Now he's got an MP3 phone.

  Danny z 10:15 19 Sep 2007

That's the iphone's most abortive defaut.---short battery life.
IMO,we'd better buy 3 batteries in reserve before this issue haven't been solved.

  Danny z 10:56 19 Sep 2007

Save your mobile phone battery: tips to prolong talk time
So much to say, so little talk time. In this tutorial you'll learn how to keep the conversation going by squeezing extra juice from your mobile phone's battery.

Step 1: Lower the screen brightness
Decrease screen brightness to 50 percent of maximum or less. You'll barely notice a difference, but you'll save a lot of juice.
Step 2: Lower backlight duration
Lower the backlight duration for the screen and/or keypad. Try the lowest setting first, then work up if it prooves too short.
Step 3: Disable unnecessary sounds
Disable unnecessary sounds. Sure, you want your phone to ring, but do you need it to beep every time you press a button or receive a text message? Fewer sounds equal longer battery life. Also lower the ring tone volume.
Step 4: Turn off Bluetooth
Turn off Bluetooth when you're not using a headset. This wireless technology consumes power even when it's not communicating with other devices.
Step 5: Turn off infrared
Turn off infrared. Like Bluetooth, it drains the battery while waiting to receive a signal. Turn it on only when you need it, then turn it off again.
Step 6: Skip the games, Web sites and photos
Stop playing games, surfing Web sites, and taking photos. Sure, they're fun, but they require processor power, a backlit screen, sound effects, and other battery-draining elements.
Step 7: Avoid completely draining the battery
Don't allow your mobile phone's battery to completely drain, and keep the phone in cool places so the battery won't overheat.

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