Ipod Advice Required

  SURVEY 19:01 06 Mar 2007

I am in the market for a new 30GB mp3 player. On a separate thread on this forum I have explored the Creative Zen ZVM but would like to have some views from users of the I pod now.

My present music is arranged neatly as mp3 files (re-ripped from my CD’s those files that were wma type so that they can be seen & played on the I pod), all tagged and with album art where available. I do like Windows Media Player but as far as I can tell the I pod and WMP are not compatible. How easy it would be if I could mark for transfer in WMP those albums that I wish to have on the I pod. Drag & drop? If I have to use itunes, presumably I would have somehow to copy form WMP to itunes – how does one do this? -via WMP or through Explorer? And would this lose the album art? Also by copying to itunes would this mean that another chunk of hard disk would be used with the duplicated files, as presumably itunes would not be able to ‘pick up’ the folders etc in Explorer? I would want all to stay as mp3 files rather than be converted by itunes to another format etc.

At present my excellent Rio Carbon 5GB uses a software interface that shows the WMP (or Explorer) albums and files and allows me to highlight these and ‘send’ to the Rio mp3 player, without syncing everything in wmp each time it is connected. Does itunes work the same?

I would still wish to keep music in WMP as I shall be retaining the Rio player as well.

  Kate B 22:41 06 Mar 2007

I think you can use WMP to manage your iPod, though I wouldn't swear to it - I'm sure someone else will tell you if I'm wrong. The incompatibility is in the default ripping format: iPods won't play the WMA format, but all your tunes are ripped in MP3, so you have no issue there as iTunes plays MP3s; and so does the iPod.

You don't have to use iTunes to manage your iPod, there are plenty of third-party applications around, some free, some not. I've used Xplay click here and liked it very much as it gives you the drag-and-drop capability and doesn't impose the restrictions on being able to transfer music from one PC to another via the iPod.

I also like iTunes, barring my irritation that Apple has yet to bestir itself to make it play nicely with Vista - it's a bit hit and miss at the moment. If you do decide to use iTunes, it's easy to import your music. You just simply click (off the top of my head) Add folder to library and browse to My Music or wherever you've stashed your music. If your tags are tidy, iTunes will read them with no problems.

  bremner 18:46 07 Mar 2007

WMP does not natively support sync with iPod.

It can be done click here

but I would stronly recommend using iTunes, as Kate has said is is very easy to import all your songs.

  SURVEY 19:11 07 Mar 2007

bremner - I have downloaded iTunes to see what it is like and I note that all still remains in my Explorer folders and can be accessed by Media Player if I prefer that. So I have no problems now with having the two interfaces (wmp and iTunes) as the files are not duplicated. Thus I could sync with iTunes just to get my mp3 files on the player. I wold have to ensure that iTunes is not set to auto-sync but I note taht I can instruct to just manually sync as I may require. Really is a shame though that we have two separate systems to contend with!

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