IPhone (Is it REALLY worth it.?)

  tein 22:30 05 Nov 2009

Ive been with Orange for some time with a Contract phone, In fact ive got two contract phone's & never missed a payment! Ive just recived this email about there NEW contract with Apple & im NOT impressed at all with the price's tbh! i currently have a deal with a Sony Ericson Satio with 600 mins & unlimeted text But one of my other contracts is due for renewal so i thought i fancy a Iphone! BUT NO NO NO! Orange are simply out pricing the phone!!
What do u think.?

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  tein 22:31 05 Nov 2009

Ps its the 16 gig version im intrested in!

  Forum Editor 23:15 05 Nov 2009

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  donki 11:23 06 Nov 2009

Just having a glace at the contracts they are pretty much identical to O2's so they aren't out pricing the phone. People will change to it in their 1000's as they did with O2.

Is it worth it? Well thats up 2 you, I have had the 3gs since releace and I can safely say it is the best "gadget" I have had in a long time, I cant see myself going back to SE or Nokia in the near future. Have you used an iPhone before?

  AL47 15:05 07 Nov 2009

the new iphone is one of the only smart phones im not considering, due to price and apple business model

  Condom 23:05 07 Nov 2009

I suppose it may depend where you buy it. In Thailand for instance very few people have contracts preferring to own their own phones and pay as you go because calls are so cheap. I only pay about £5 equivalent for a month of calls and hundreds of texts as well as a few hours on the internet.

iPhones seem to sell quite well and unlocked ones sell for around £250-£300. Fake ones a quarter of that price.

Apple on the surface seem to put up with this for the sake of "a dollar or two" or maybe because the likes of Samsung just fly off the shelves at half the price and they want to be in the marketplace.

  Ethan1982 13:33 10 Nov 2009

Just out of curiosity, how can you spot a fake one?
Do the retailers sell it as "Fake" or ppl just buy a fake one only as they know that even if they want to buy an original one, there are strong chances that it can be a fake...

I never got in to this fake mobile phone markets but would like to know the difference so that when I shop on ebay next time and buy something from Thiland or China, I can atleast do some basic checks for my peace of mind.

One think I know with the Chinese shoes that its almost impossible to spot some counterfeits even to the carful consumer's eye. Is it same with mobiles too?

  Condom 01:56 11 Nov 2009

Spotting a fake is usually quite easy but can depend where you are shopping and it would take pages to describe in detail. Most proper iPhones are sold in large depatmental stores in Thailand where you will find literally hundreds of family run stalls selling all types of phones side by side with official brand shops. Most iPhones are sold to "farang" as they call us and are sold openly as "unlocked" with warnings not to update the software or the phone will relock. They also openly sell fakes but they tell you what they are and their limitations. Many of the iPhone fakes are "dual SIM" phones and I now believe that you can buy some versions of these Chinese fakes without the "false Apple name and branding" of course, from Amazon so go there and you may find some buyers comments as Amazon are normally pretty good at printing honest reviews especially from less well known makes. In Thailand they even sell a lovely little half sized iPhone which works great as a phone etc but has a pretty basic screen function. Great cheap phone for kids. I actually have a fake iPhone which I leave in Thailand when I come home and I bought it mainly for the dual SIM function as I cross into Laos and Vietnam quite often so having the facility to use the same phone with different SIMS is very useful. It works great as a phone and also quite good as a camera where the iPhone is pretty woeful so I couldn't fault it for that purpose. It also has an FM radio which the Iphone lacks of course but everywhere else it is clearly not an iPhone.

The quality on the outside of these fakes is actually very good and so if I were you I wouldn't be buying from eBay unless they were coming from a very trusted source. This is something you want to touch, feel and try to make sure before buying. If you buy a fake knowingly then you take what happens on the chin if it goes wrong but paying full wack for what turns out to be a fake would be rather annoying.

You have to bear in mind that many of these clothing and shoe fakes come from factories where the real things are made and the fakes are made by the same people using inferior raw materials. Also to keep wages down many employers offer staff part salary part goods knowing that most families have some sort of market stall. Often on these stalls you get the real thing selling beside the fake at the same price and to get a real bargain you need to take the "touchy feeely" approach which the stall vendors shout at you.

Its all part of the wonderful experience of living in the far east. DVD fakes are sometimes impossible to tell and your best clue is price. If you can buy a perfect copy which works fully for £1.50 then you know it is a fake but it also tells you how much profit is in it in the UK for both the legal and the illegal trade.

  v1asco 10:41 11 Nov 2009

Well, I went into the Apple store, where you can play with the Iphone for as long as you wish.
It certainly seems good, and billions can't be wrong, can they?
After a far from satisfactory trial with the LG touchy phone I was put off them. Far to sensitive, I only had to look at the screen and it changed.
Then I read the reviews about the Satio and it said it had an unresponsive touch screen. Tried it, liked it and got it.
I see you already have one. It has had some bad press, mainly on the vodafone forum,(I am Orange) but mine seems fine. It suits me to a T and so far is the best phone i have had.
Be interesting to here if yours was good.
I would suggest trying the 2 side by side if you can find an obliging o2 shop. They may even offer you a discount if you say you are with orange!
Main draw back is the lack of apa, though as the op system is common, nokia aps and the like are suitable.

  AL47 20:48 11 Nov 2009

atm i think out of the ones availible the nokia is going to be my choice.. n900

but also to consider [imo]
are the
motorola droid
and soon jan 2010 sonys xperia x10 [looks very good]

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