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  Airster 13:33 24 Mar 2008

I have taken an old PC and put it in the lounge for the purpose of browsing the net on the lounge tv. It works okay but its a great big thing and very noisy (I'm looking for fans but its a slot A mobo so not too many around) and was thinking there must be an easier way of simply getting the internet in the lounge without spending a fortune on buying/building a full PC.

I just need a cheap, quiet, small(ish), energy efficient box that will connect wirelessly to the internet via my existing wireless network.

I want to be able to leave it on standby but fire it up using a wireless keyboard/mouse from the comfort of the sofa. I don't want to play games, media or do anything intensive on it.

Any suggestions anyone or should I just keep looking around for a smaller case and quieter fan?


  K_elt 13:46 24 Mar 2008

Have a look here for a start click here


  Stuartli 16:28 24 Mar 2008

A more modern approach is something on the lines of the Shuttle. See:

click here


click here


click here

click here

(should still be some around).

  Greengage 12:22 25 Mar 2008

I have had this external TV "card" for some years now and it has always worked OK except for the fact that whenever you muck about with it or do a fresh scan for programs you always have to switch off, unplug, wait 30 seconds and re-plug to ensure it subsequently works. I've noticed that in recent times I have been unable to get ITV, Ch4,Ch5 together with other channels - ITV2,3&4, QVC and more - when I could before. I run it off a proper domestic aerial and have re-scanned several times but I still get the same result. Have checked on drivers but I am running the latest. Has anyone ideas as to how it has stopped functioning for these "missing" channels/programs or have I missed any recent legislation affecting freeview?

  Greengage 12:23 25 Mar 2008

Sorry - posted incorrectly while on this particular page!

  Airster 18:15 29 Mar 2008

Thanks Stuartli. In the end I bought a new CPU HS & Fan (click here) and a great keyboard click here.

The system is a squeeze but the keyboard works faultlessly and the new fans means the hum is barely noticeable.

I'll keep an eye on things but for now I'm happy with the setup. I would strongly reccomend the keyboard for lounge-use PCs.


  Stuartli 20:48 29 Mar 2008

The keyboard could well be a rebadged A4Tech model.

For instance the ACK-201 AR is remarkably like A4Tech's KL-30:

click here

Don't worry. Every wireless mouse (including optical) and keyboard I've had over the past few years has been an A4Tech rebadged product - they are very well made and you will be surprised by how many other companies rebadge them under their own names.

Two of the sets have been from Typhoon and Silvercrest (Lidl's own German based brand name).

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