integrated freeview

  juedoc 20:16 10 Mar 2008

My son has treated himself to a integrated freeview tv. However we cant tune in any freeview channels. We have checked on the Freeview website and receive this message 'Unfortunately, you won't be able to receive any Freeview channels now, or after your region has switched to digital TV.' Any suggestions!!! We have Virgin media but only on the main TV.

  Stuartli 23:26 10 Mar 2008

Which transmitter supplies your signals?

You can check out its digital transmissions (if any) at:

click here

  oldbeefer2 09:15 11 Mar 2008

If your area cannot receive digital (terrain masking etc) you may wish to go down the Sky route - dish, box and fitting for a one off payment of £150 and no monthly charges. My daughter lives in Bath and had to do this. The BBC are to start a similar deal soon (but the website still doesn't say when).

  Covergirl 12:52 11 Mar 2008


Looks like your son has just wasted money on a Freeview capable TV. If that's the message you get, that's probably how you stand.

However, the Freeview site gave us incorrect information for our area 2 years ago, but we checked locally and found different and got all channels 3 years before our "go live" date, so a pinch of salt may be required.

Sounds very much like you live in a deep vally in Wales or Scotland if you're never going to get Freeview reception as ". . . the UK will go completely digital. . . ." according to click here

  Stuartli 00:07 23 Mar 2008

>>Looks like your son has just wasted money on a Freeview capable TV>>

Not necessarily. Few sets come without the feature these days, whilst full digital transmissions will be very much stronger than at present.

Your son might also move one day and reap the benefits of a digital tuner.

  DJ Techz 09:22 23 Mar 2008

Cant you just tune in the Anologue Channels for now

  Quickbeam 11:46 26 Mar 2008

If you don't live in a deep valley in Wales or Scotland, it could be you need a new digital aerial.

I couldn't receive much at all on the old TV aerial (30 years old), but when I got the aerial man to put a new digital one up, I got everything... except channel 5, that remains a problem for a lot of people.

  anchor 12:36 26 Mar 2008

Before spending any money on a (so called) digital aerial, check that your son lives in an area that digital transmissions are currently being broadcast. It sounds that this is not the case.

If in doubt, consult a local TV dealer who can inform him when this will happen.

  Jim_F 18:59 26 Mar 2008

If you're in a position to put up a Sat dish and have line of site to 28 degrees east then you may be able to use free-to-air satellite receiver (no Sky kit required) - the channels available are here: click here

  Covergirl 21:05 26 Mar 2008

Jim F - "No Sky kit required" ?

Give us a link to the "free-to-air satellite receiver" please. I'll buy that for a dollar !

  Jim_F 11:15 27 Mar 2008

"No Sky kit required ?" - thats right the broadcasts are nothing to do with Sky so no viewing card or Skybox needed but sadly you'd still need a dish & FTA receiver :(

Maplin sometimes bundle these but here are the receivers they currently carry: click here

I've used the Touch Box and Lifetime in South London with good results in all but the most severe weather (in different locations-they still both work).

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