Impedance question for Loudspeakers

  wee eddie 18:02 03 May 2007

Please refresh my memory, because I am replacing my Clock Radio in the bedroom.

I have started by buying a pair of Mission 733 Speakers, at the local Auction Rooms, for £18.

Their impedance is 8ohms and if I remember rightly I can connect them to any system which is set for lower Impedance (e.g. 4, 6 or 8ohm speakers) but not to a System set for any higher Impedance without overloading that system.

  oresome 18:55 03 May 2007

I think you remember correctly. The max volume may be a little lower from an amp designed to drive lower impedance speakers, but otherwise no ill effect.

I take it you are a heavy sleeper and need something with a bit of wellie to wake you up?

  wee eddie 19:07 03 May 2007

or one of those Creative jobs.

I have been swithering for the last couple of months. I always visit the Sale-room when I get a chance, I was actually after a mirror for my chest of Drawers and there they were, about 10 lots before the one I was after.

I'll wait to see how well I've actually done when I pick them and the Mirror up tomorrow. They're not good enough to replace the JBL's in the Sitting Room but I should now be able to drift off to sleep in style!

  postie24 19:32 03 May 2007

wee eddie
I think you will wake the whole street up :))

  wee eddie 20:09 03 May 2007

that I have exquisite taste!

The nice thing about well balanced speakers is that you can hear the full range of sounds clearly, just as well when their soft as when their loud.

If I want volume I put cans on.

  wee eddie 20:10 03 May 2007

if you see what I mean

  postie24 13:09 04 May 2007

Sorry i thought you meant you wanted to swap the clock radio for the speakers with the intent of them waking you up,doh

  wee eddie 14:00 04 May 2007

If I put them under the bed, I'll manage to get a Vibro-massage at the same time

  Arthur Scrimshaw 15:00 04 May 2007

I had a pair of the original Mission 770's (with the white front baffle and translucent bass cones) with a Linn Sondek and Naim 42/110 amp. Made a lovely noise. I've still got the Linn (although it's been upgraded many times)oh yes those were the days, before all this digital nonsense!

  postie24 17:09 04 May 2007

Arthur Scrimshaw
Now that equipment is music to my ears

  oresome 18:25 04 May 2007

When I was a young lad, over 40 years ago, I built a couple of mono valve amps from a design by Mullard. 30 watts output, which was quite high for the day and less than 0.1% distortion which was quite low for the day and no audible mains hum, which was a common defect with most of the commercial kit available.

They drove a couple of Wharfedale roll surround speakers in corner enclosures I built from a design by Gilbert Briggs and the sound was awsome.

I only wish I still had the set up.

The early transistor amplifiers of the time all suffered from an effect called cross over distortion which made then instantly recognisable as a transistor amplifier.

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