Image Centering?

  crosstrainer 09:24 19 Jul 2007

I am quite pleased with the results so far with my new DSLR... click here

However, when I center an image in the viewfinder (as in the example) It appears lower in the final result. Must be a way of getting around this?

  crosstrainer 10:41 19 Jul 2007

Very clear! What I mean is when I took the pic, the stem of the rose appeared longer in the viewfinder, with the bloom centered.

I'm thinking that using the zoom, means that what you see is not exactly what you get?

  hssutton 11:50 19 Jul 2007

Do you wear glasses?.

On DSLRs what you see is not what you get, you actually get just a little bit more. A typical DSLR viewfinder gives approx 95% frame coverage.

This applies whether you are using a zoom or prime lens.

  ventanas 11:54 19 Jul 2007

Does this camera, which is actually known as a bridge (Fuji S5600), and not really an SLR (there is no mirror), have an electronic viewfinder? if so you should still see a through the lens image. If not it may suffer from parallax. The viewfinder image is exactly the same as is shown on the screen if it is electronic, so it need only be used if conditions are too bright, and the screen cannot be seen. It may be just be foible of this particular model. I have a 9600 and have not noticed this though.

You could try the Fuji forum click here

May reveal something.

  crosstrainer 12:26 19 Jul 2007

Is not what you get, so will experiment... Prefer to use the viewfinder rather than the screen. I was parallax last night, but did not this was a camera term! :))

  Stuartli 12:28 19 Jul 2007

What is the point of having an SLR and taking shots using a screen?

All the SLRs I've used over the years (and that's a fair number of models) have a viewfinder that shows slightly less than appears in the actual photograph.

  crosstrainer 13:45 19 Jul 2007

I agree, that's why I bought the Fuji, I think it just takes a bit of practice...I have a 6mega pixel Samunsg without a viewfinder, and it's a nice little camerea, but i'm still finding it strange using a screen.

  crosstrainer 13:46 19 Jul 2007

Yes, the facility to use either the viewfinder or the screen, but I prefer the viewfinder...more practice required i think!

  siouxah1 15:39 19 Jul 2007

the Fuji 5600 is a fixed lens and not DSLR.
I have the 5500. I will do a check to see what happens with that. I will try to use the same focal length as in your pic.

Will let you know if it is any different to your results.

Nice photo by the way. I assume that this is taken using the camera that you refer to above,


  crosstrainer 15:47 19 Jul 2007

Thanks for that...I'm a newcomer to this type of camera, got it at a great price and it takes great pictures, just the dunce holding it who has prob's!

  siouxah1 15:55 19 Jul 2007

click here
I have just tested the 5500. The result is above.
Can see no difference when centred. Can't suggest any way to resolve your problem. Can only suggest it is parallax.


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