I was watching 'Springwatch' on TV

  Forum Editor 00:34 03 Jun 2009

last week, and they asked viewers to send in images of the most unlikely places birds have built nests.

It got me thinking that it might be a bit of summer fun to do a similar thing with our mobile site. Maybe we could ask you to post to the forum telling us where you are - we'll award a prize to the person who posts from a mobile in the most unusual location between now and the end of July.

I haven't a clue what the prize will be, because I've only just thought of the idea, but we'll come up with something, even if it's just a card signed by everyone in the office.

We'll take your word that you actually are in the location you mention of course, and keep it clean please - I can hear some of your minds working already!

  user8 15:01 03 Jun 2009

Wow lets push the boat on this FE.
A signed card by all in the office, that's just to kind an offer to refuse!
Keep it clean, well their goes most of my ideas!

  Jim Thing 15:21 03 Jun 2009

...from a mobile phone?

I shall be somewhere really unusual in early July (ssshhh! not a word...) but my mobile is much too old to have a built-in camera — or any other fancy gadget, come to that. Can't I just use my digital camera and e-mail the picture to you when I get back home?

  Forum Editor 22:15 03 Jun 2009

Actually, you don't have to send a photo at all - just post to this thread, telling us where you are at the time. I'm sure nobody's interested in faking it.

The whole point about this little challenge is that it's about posting to our forum on your mobile phone, not about sending images from it.

  Jim Thing 23:45 03 Jun 2009

Noted. Many thanks, FE.

  Forum Editor 23:58 10 Jul 2009

I'm still waiting to see those posts from exotic locations.

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