I want to buy a DVD recorder, but which?

  polo 17:18 02 Feb 2006

I,ve just bought a LCD TV and intend getting a DVD recorder with hard drive to go with it. The TV is a Panasonic. I have been reading about a Panasonic DMREH50 but am not sure about it and wonder whether an alternative one of a different make might be better. Can anyone make any suggestions? Whats a good one? I'm thinking of a £200 to £300 price range.

  polo 16:40 04 Feb 2006

Come on people surely there's someone out there who can help with some advice!?

  dregn 06:19 05 Feb 2006

I bought a Panasonic DVD recorder last year with 80gb HDD. It is excellent and I have not regretted it. If I bought again I would buy another Panasonic but with a bigger HDD.
It will record to DVD_RAM disks which are rewritable. No problems at all !

  bremner 07:49 05 Feb 2006

I too have the DMREH50 and find it very good.

It is easy to use and I have never got anywhere near filling the 80Gb.

I was burning to DVD-R but recently bought some DVD Ram discs and what a difference. RAM allows for "fast dubbing". This means that a 2 hour film that took 2 hours to burn onto DVD-R now takes 13 minutes onto DVD Ram. The quality is also much better.

  jakimo 15:19 05 Feb 2006

Panasonic are bringing out a new range of recorders in mid March

  polo 18:43 05 Feb 2006

Thanks everybody for your helpful contributions I'll leave the thread going for a while to see if more people have ideas. How do we know about the mid- March new Panasonics, how sure jakimo are we that it'll happen then? Might be woth waitng? On the other hand these sort of goods are usually at there highest cost when they first come out, maybe I'd be best off getting the present one at just £235? Which isn't a bad price at A.J.Electronics. Difficult to know!

  hawthorn59 04:24 06 Feb 2006

Hi. Heres a link to a forum dedicated to DVD etc Youll find all the info you could want there!


click here

  Totally-braindead 21:55 06 Feb 2006

Whatever you finally decide on it makes sense I think to get one with a hard drive rather than a standard DVD recorder, from what I have read on the subject when you drop the quality to get more on the disk the picture can get quite poor. I have to stress this is just what I have read, I want a hard drive DVD recorder but can't afford it at the moment.

  jakimo 23:39 06 Feb 2006

New range dvd recorders etc. will be on release at the march electronics trade fair

  polo 16:34 08 Feb 2006

I've been reading a lot about recorders with Hard discs but am still rather unclear about a few things and probably a few more I don't realise! I have just bought a Panasonic 32" TV LCD TX32lxd52 with built in Freeview and it is really wonderful and I'm coping with it well. I have read somewhere that the Panasonic DRMEH50 will only record in wide screen, is that so I wonder. I see no mention of this in the literature. I get the impression from reading some threads that you cannot watch one channel and record another at the same time. Again is that so, because if it is it wouldn't be much use. Perhaps someone could help me re these points?

  HXP 23:07 09 Feb 2006

I brought the liteon 5045B ( which you can make multi region easily )

Works great takes all the disks I have thrown at it 160 gb HDD

I year on still working well.

Easy to transfer from VHS tape with (external VHS player) to HDD & then to DVD

Pretty good menu's

Only small quirk is a 'bouncy' (buttons) remote and no built if freeview decoder but a fine all round machine.


PS to unlock for multi region

Region free with remote:
Go to setup screen, navigate to exit, press 2960 and choose your region, or region free.

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