i-Tunes Album Artwork

  SURVEY 15:56 10 Mar 2007

I have my music neatly arranged via Window Media Player. This includes artwork obtained either via the tagging process of ripping CD's or by asking WMP to Update Album Information via the internet. I have also installed i-Tunes in case I buy an Ipod and i-Tunes has successfully located all of my music as one would expect. However it has not imported any of the album artwork. To obtain the Artwork it would appear that I am forced to open an i-Tunes account and that involves giving credit card details. As I have no intention of downloading any music from i-Tunes Store I a reluctant to do this.

Why can WMP pick up this Album artwork straight away yet i-Tunes apparently refuses to. Can anyone help here? Is there another way?

  Kate B 20:16 10 Mar 2007

I don't think you have to give credit card details for an iTunes account if you don't want to. But anyway, the other thing you can do is find via Google image search a picture of the album cover and drag it into iTunes. Amazon is usually a good source of album artwork.

  SURVEY 07:46 11 Mar 2007

Kate B - I have tried to sign up but although the Apple Store has accepted my ID it still requires me to give credit card details before it will allow me to open an account and it needs the account apparently prior to allowing me to access covers etc.The annoying thing is that I have the covers in Windows Media Player but cannot click on them to copy/paste or drag/drop! iTunes saves them as a differnt method of tagging so cannot recognise them and use them from WMP!

All of this is makig me feel that I should stick with a new mp3 player that reads WMP info, such as Creative Zen ZVM or similar!

  rick808 10:31 11 Mar 2007

Not sure if this is what you're looking for -
click here

Also many good tips -
click here

  rick808 10:37 11 Mar 2007

Sorry top link should be this -
click here

  Kate B 11:47 11 Mar 2007

that is annoying - apologies for misleading you. Dragging album art from websites into iTunes should work fine for you, though.

  SURVEY 12:41 11 Mar 2007

Kate B - yes your suggestion does indeed work. Just a shame that iTunes & WMP can't access all of each others file tag information.

rick808 - thanks for your postings

I have also used the iTunes Art Importer; that finds some covers.

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