I really need some help here - SKY HD problems

  Forum Editor 23:06 01 Sep 2010

I have a Sony Bravia TV, a SKY+ HD receiver, and a DVD player.

The SKY engineer connected everything when he installed the SKY box some time ago. Everything worked perfectly, but last week a burglar alarm installation engineer disconnected the lot, and do you think I can get it all working again?

I can watch TV via the SKY box, but I can record nothing, and if I use the TV controller to switch channels instead of the SKY controller I can then only get the SKY menu - no programs and no sound.

Can anyone tell me how the various aerial/satellite/RF/scart leads should be connected between the three devices?

The TV has two scart sockets.

TV and satellite technology is very definitely not my thing - as my wife keeps reminding me.

  anniesboy 07:32 02 Sep 2010

Remember if the TV is HD you need to connect with HDMI leads

  morddwyd 08:30 02 Sep 2010

If you've got all the tv channels you should have I can't think of any reason why you should not be able to record.

I take it you've done a box reset (disconnect, totally, from the mains, wait one minute and re-connect).

DVD player should be connected with a SCART lead (unless it's HD) and the Sky box with an HDMI lead as anniesboy suggests.

Double check that the leads are all fully home, as this can cause the symptoms you describe.

When you get it set up and working again take photographs of the back of each device, and label each lead.

No I'm not being sarcastic, with all the multiple connections these days it's just a sensible precaution.

The last time the Sky engineer changed my box he put the one on top of the other and changed the leads one at a time.

He told me that's by far the only way to ensure he gets it right, and he's a professional!

If all else fails try the Sky Helpline, if you've got half a day to spare!

  Kevscar1 09:31 02 Sep 2010

Check settings on your remotes. Is the sky one set to Sky not TV. Is the TV one source button set to TV and the DVD one set to DVD. If the source is set wrong on one it can cause all sorts of problems. Especially if like mine the TV and DVD are the same make.

My TV remote can control TV STB VCR CABLE AND DVD by pressing the MODE button. The source button changes from HDMI to AV1 to AV2

Set up should be Sky HDMI cable to TV HDMI DVD scart to TV scart 1 VCR scart to TV scart 2

  Forum Editor 18:50 02 Sep 2010

Lots of good advice, and I'll work through it all when I have time. I'm sure it's a question of sitting down and concentrating, but I haven't had much time to do that, and my wife is a little tense - she records operas on the SKY arts channel, and can't at the moment.

  morddwyd 20:16 02 Sep 2010

Your wife doesn't sound like she's the sort of woman who would respond very well to "Calm down, dear" a la Michael Winner, so just keep reminding her that most of the stuff on Sky Arts, is repeated several times for a week or so!

  Forum Editor 00:23 03 Sep 2010

If I said that the temperature in the room would instantly drop a few degrees.

  Kevscar1 06:52 03 Sep 2010

Have you thought about calling the burlar alarm engineer and asking him to put right what he cocked up.

  ^wave^ 08:52 03 Sep 2010

hi this the way i would go
1 remove everything next plug in your ariel lead and get that working i assume you have freeview or still have terestial tv. next sky box you will need one scart and one hdmi connection for it. next put the dvd player in i assume scart if hd version plug in hdmi port.

  Kevscar1 09:54 03 Sep 2010

you have an aerial lead and an HD lead from the dish into the sky box and there is no need for a scart conection..

  ^wave^ 14:31 03 Sep 2010

hi again if cant record from the sky it may be something else set up should have two connections from your dish going into the rear of the box you should then have one hdmi coming out and maybe a scart not sure on the scart dont have hd but in laws do and they do have a scart as well the ariel can either go into the sky box or sraight into the tv

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