I have to recommend a Laptop for a teenager

  Acx 22:55 04 May 2008

A friend has asked me to help find a laptop for £400 (I must roughly stick to that).

She has seen the Dell Inspiron 1525 Range and likes them, as you can pick a colour (well black or white at no extra cost – she wants white as it matches her room!). Of those I believe this best fits the bill
click here

However I would like to offer her a few alternatives, of which I favour
click here
due to the better processor.

She will use it for:
Internet (Wireless probably)
Playing The Sims 2 - Will Vista play Sims 2?
and anything else that a teenager gets up to on a Laptop I suppose.

I’m sure the X3100 will be OK for games from a year or so ago. If you have a Laptop with X3100 graphics, will it play The Sims 2? (I know it will not be very good for future games and that will be made plain to her).

As I don’t have a Laptop myself, please feel free to offer your views i.e.
*Suggest an alternative Laptop at this price range,
*A laptop with better graphic's? (at this price I doubt it but.....)
*If you think I have missed something blindingly obvious.

  MCE2K5 23:39 04 May 2008

Windows Vista and The Sims 2 FAQ click here

  Acx 01:19 05 May 2008

I hadn't seen that information before thanks.

It still seems OK

Q: Is The Sims 2 compatible with Windows Vista?
A: Yes! The Sims 2 and its expansion packs run well on Windows Vista.

X3100, although not the best, appears to be better than what is in the the OK or unsupported DirectX 9 card section.

  DJ Techz 21:05 06 May 2008


I know its not a dell, but
I basically do all of the the things on Acx's List and Sims 2 (with 3 expansion packs) plays very well.

Intel Celeron M 520 1.6GHz (not dual-core)
Vista Premuim
Windows Experience Rating in Vista 3.0
WIFI b/g
DVD RW +/-
(I think its 224MB Shared Graphics)
Got mine for £379.99 (last Sep)

  Acx 23:16 06 May 2008

I will have a look the Toshiba range tomorrow, its good to know that The Sims seem to play OK on the Laptops in this price range, as 'play The Sims2' was one thing that it must do.

  Covergirl 07:48 08 May 2008

I've been recommended to buy a Dell 1525 and I've just configured one on their site with 3 or 4 yrs warranty for just under £400.

Everyone in his company has a Dell laptop because "they never go wrong" according to my B-I-Law

Then he tells me that the Samsung screens have an amazing "depth" and colour. Next stop Comet.

Best of luck and let us know what you end up buying.

  Acx 23:15 08 May 2008

Thanks for the reply

I think I have it down to two
The Dell £399 Inspiron 1525 click here (for the Intel Core 2 Duo T5550 Processor)

and this Samsung R60 Laptop
which is the same but seems to have slightly better graphics click here

  Acx 23:40 08 May 2008

If you are interested, there is a PC Advisor review of the Dell, which seems to answer a nag I had about the Display with 'TrueLife™' (IE what is 'TrueLife™' and is it better?)
click here

  Covergirl 12:14 14 May 2008

. . . with the Samsung R60, I went out and bought one from Currys last night - and a £15 optical wireless mouse. Can only find it at Currys locally so assume it's a DSG exclusive.

click here

£414 total and very happy with it. Took an hour or so to charge the battery, then another hour or two and several reboots to configure, create 10GB partition and create backup, install tinterweb and Picasa and copy over a few GB of photos. 3 months free McAffee & MS Office trial.

Got it wireless connected this morning and it took an hour to update with 15 updates.

It's a girly laptop with a shiny case rather like a powder compact - would appeal to most young lasses better if it was in pink !

  Acx 01:52 15 May 2008

I give her the two choices and the white Dell won the day for her (she must be a tomboy).

However I must say that I would of gone for your 'girly laptop' myself LOL :-)

The Samsung R60 and the Dell 1525 do seem to be the best two choices at this price range at the moment (no great difference between the two). Hope you are happy with your Samsung and thanks for the input.

Thank you all for replying. I did check out what you had to say and it helped me coming to the conclusion that the laptop she chose was as close to, or as good as anything you can get in this price.

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