Humax 9200T PVR query

  tigertop2 16:15 12 Nov 2009

Does anyone know if it is possible to download from the Humax PVR to a PC. I have replaced my 9200T with a Humax HD PVR. However still some programmes on the Hard Drive I would like to keep

I know it is a 160GB PATA drive so in theory I could take it out and cage it as an external drive but wonder if there is an easier way?

  bobbybowls 20:42 12 Nov 2009

plug a usb drive in and copy to that.

  tigertop2 21:09 12 Nov 2009

Don't think the 9200T has a USB drive-or am I missing something?

  ICF 19:31 13 Nov 2009

Have a look at this website click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:43 13 Nov 2009

Really depends on what format the files are saved in.

When My Tevion died I used the PVR101 software from click here Sigmatek disk reader, to convert the files to .ts to play in media player classic.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:55 13 Nov 2009

click here

seems they are ts files which will play on VLC
click here

  ICF 07:02 14 Nov 2009

You need Media E-linker 2.7 software from click here

You have to create an acount.

  ICF 07:22 14 Nov 2009

The files from the above link I gave seem corrupted try this link click here but only version 2.5 available

  tigertop2 10:00 14 Nov 2009

Thanks everyone . I will have a go at these solutions and let you know

  tigertop2 11:09 14 Nov 2009

Hi all,

The case is closed on this one. This morning I sold my Humax Foxsat receiver , as it is now replaced by a Humax HDR. The guy who bought it was also looking for a PVR-so guess what we agreed a price there and then for the Humax 9200T. I'm happy, he is happy and my wife has forgotten what it was she wanted to get off the Humax 9200T!
Meanwhile thanks to everyone who responded to this thread. There sure is a lot of knowledge around in the PCA Forums

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