Htc and Outlook 2000 Calendar

  SURVEY 22:34 25 Oct 2010

I took the plunge today and bought a Desire HD on contract and I have 14 days in which to return it if necessary. I bought it partly to be able to sync my outlook 2000 calendar with the phone. However when I use HTC sync it says that it cannot sync as I do not have outlook as my email client as I have outlook express instead. Please can anyone help me with this?

  Woolwell 22:43 25 Oct 2010

Is Outlook your default e-mail client or is it Outlook Express? Set Outlook as your default.

  SURVEY 22:54 25 Oct 2010

Even though I prefer to use Outlook Express? And what has outlook got to do with my email client as I only want to sync my calendar? HELP!

  SURVEY 23:07 25 Oct 2010

Woolwell - you can usually sort these things ou! I have now set Outlook as my default email client - temporarily at least. However when I go to sync the HTC PC sync program says connected and syncig people (even though I do not want people synced!) but more importantly - (it does not actually sync people) and it does not sync the calendar entries!

  SURVEY 23:09 25 Oct 2010

I am using HTC sync version 3.0.5422

  Woolwell 11:36 26 Oct 2010

HTC was looking at your default e-mail client OE instead of Outlook. However I have moved from HTC and am now stuck. It may be easier to sync Outlook with Google calendar and then sync that way with the Desire.

  SURVEY 11:45 26 Oct 2010

woolwell - thanks again. I di move my default email client to Outlook (from Outlook Express)but it still would not sync. I have emailed HTC support but having had responses from them in the past, they are not usually much help! Your suggestion of syncing my Outlook with Google calendar first may be the only way forward. If I do this, will the calendar always be available on the phone without having to sign in - i.e. by clicking on the calendar app?

  Woolwell 12:04 26 Oct 2010

New territory for me - so I don't know. I'm still learning my way around my new android phone.

  SURVEY 15:01 27 Oct 2010

Received a reply from HTC 'help'. They said try our HTC Sync program!!!! I had already told them that that it what I was using. Their support is absolutely hopeless.

I have synced my Outlook with a google calendar and this does work well. However all of my contacts are in my Outlook 2000 and it really means I have to keep two systems running on my desktop and not have access to the contacts on my phone (apart of course for normal mobile contact numbers). Also I do not think Outlook will regularly sync with my google calendar unless I force it to?

  SURVEY 15:03 27 Oct 2010

I tried the installed satnav toady. After using it I switched it off but I now note that there is a blue vertical direction arrow on the top info bar of the home screen and this says 'seaching for location'. What do I need to do to get rid of this?I have tried enabling gps on the phone settings.

  SURVEY 15:04 27 Oct 2010

Sorry - last post should be a new thread so will post again.

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