How's this for customer service?

  Forum Editor 18:11 31 Aug 2007

I was having a clear-out the other day, and came across my 'old' Canon EOS camera, complete with a rather nice Sigma 70-200 telephoto lens. I had forgotten about it, and had a little surge of pleasure as I realised it would fit nicely onto my current Canon 400D digital camera. Indeed it did, but when I started clicking away I repeatedly got an 'Err 99' message on the camera's screen. A bit of Googling informed me that this is a common problem - Canon have slightly altered the circuitry on these cameras, which means that some third-party lenses won't work.

I thought I would ring Sigma and see if there was any kind of a fix. A call to their Welwyn Garden City number was promptly answered by a very friendly and very knowledgeable person who told me there was nothing I could do to make the lens work, but then I got the good news. "Don't worry." he said "Send your old lens to me, and we'll sort you out with a new one that does work".

A few moments discussion and we arrived at a deal - I would get a new, £329 lens that would work perfectly with my camera, and Sigma would get my old lens and £160.

I sent the lens, got a call a day later to take my credit card details, and the new lens arrived the day after that - it works perfectly, and is optically better than the one I returned.

That's how to run a business and keep customers happy.

  jack 18:20 31 Aug 2007

Thats the way to do it.
Now all you others out there-no names no pack drill -
[but we know you all look in] how about it!

  Forum Editor 08:18 01 Sep 2007

was the positive attitude of the person at the other end. His attitude seemed to be 'let's find a way through this', rather than just trying to get me off the phone.

As a result he created an unpaid and enthusiastic ambassador for Sigma lenses.

  jack 08:35 01 Sep 2007

I am only asking to clarify you understand
The guy at Sigma- who was he talking to?
The private You
The PCA/business you?

  Forum Editor 11:35 01 Sep 2007

The private me.

When we first spoke, and he made the offer of an exchange he didn't know my name, or anything about me.

  hssutton 12:07 01 Sep 2007

Sigma rechipped my old Sigma lense for £30, but do agree Sigma provide excellent service

  g0nvs 19:32 01 Sep 2007

Always nice to hear of good customer service.

  ventanas 21:00 01 Sep 2007

I've never had anything but praise for their lenses. I have in total 8 lenses for my D200, two are Nikon, the other six are Sigma. And I love the 10-20mm.

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