how long do compact discs last-and are bluray discs easily scratchable?

  theDarkness 18:23 12 Oct 2008

..after all the complaints about how easily scratched cd and dvds are, and how long they dont last, i just wonder how long it will be before bluray is also out of the picture and we dismiss the disc format entirely. is bluray easily scratchable and do you think it is likely to last as long as other disc formats? I hear stories that backed up files onto blank disc tend not to last 5 yrs, but i have purchased software i have had no problems reading. Is there a difference in quality on average between blank disc and what is purchased

  Stuartli 22:37 12 Oct 2008

I have pix, data etc CD-Rs which I burned at least six years ago (top brands such as TDK) which are still perfectly usable; they are stored out of strong light in cases.

Imation claims that (most of) its DVD blank media is good for up to 100 years - don't ask me how they know...:-)

To the best of my knowledge Imation, which I buy regularly along with Infiniti blank media, is re-badged Taiyo Yuden media.

  BT 08:07 13 Oct 2008

Commercial discs either movies or software are 'pressed' not burned and as such have a different structure which is not so vulnerable to degradation as burned discs which rely on a change in a dye medium.

  GRIDD 19:51 13 Oct 2008

Bluray have a hard coating that protects them from scratching easily.

BT has already answered the difference between commercial disks and blanks for home use.

  theDarkness 02:10 15 Oct 2008

thanks for the replies. I usually use verbatim and imation, although have tried philips, packard bell, tdk and even tesco (!) discs in the past. I just wonder if i do have anything i wish to put on disc what the best way to store them would be, if bought discs really are far inferior to commercial discs. I usually keep my burnt discs on the spindle that the blanks initially came in, as opposed to in cases. Not the best thing to do when looking for anything backed up, but saves alot of space and having to buy cases-prob not a good idea in the long run even if the spindle which holds 25 is kept out of sunlight! I wonder if data on a spindle would be more or less likely to damage/ware as opposed to being kept in a case, or if there isnt a huge difference. Perhaps for backing up important files i would be better off buying a reliable external usb hard drive? It sounds like a good idea since they are far cheaper than they used to be, although Ive never tried to use one before, so dont really know the disadvantages, even if it was not used very often after backing up.

  Stuartli 18:42 15 Oct 2008

Just storing burned disks on a spindle is not a very good idea as it will lead to the very thing you are trying to avoid.

There's a difference between taking a disk off a spindle for burning purposes and storing them in this fashion and constantly removing and replacing them.

Even the soft transparent plastic cases would be better than that, although cases are much better.

In any case (if you pardon the pun), jewel or standard CD/DVD cases are quite inexpensive these days - the cost should be weighed up against the value of the disks themselves.

  theDarkness 02:34 25 Oct 2008

Lol (at the pun) - hey, its late and im easily amused! was falling asleep watching galaxy quest on bbc. i guess i should invest in a few cases, ill have to look out for the very thin packs though as im running out of shelf space as it is.. i wonder if blu ray, once they are burnable, will also have similar issues (burnt discs not the same quality as factory discs in lastability)! i wouldve argued before that standard dvd would never be replaced, but with the amount of storage space i guess it is inevitable to mark the end of the standard dvd format if blank blu ray becomes available for storing all forms of data. If it isnt already. I think blu ray may well be the last disc format! ..

  theDarkness 18:10 26 Oct 2008

I suppose not everyone needs the amount of space blu ray offers when burning on average, if its not backing up their movies. Ill guess 25 and 50 gb discs arent the fastest to back up, although id hope the likelyhood of errors when burning wouldnt be as bad as the average cd. Ill assume it can happen just as often if they do take a long time to burn. if all blu ray players are compatible with reading and burning dvd and cd, then i guess they may be around for just as long as blu ray. if the majority are not bothered about the higher quality blu ray can give to cinema though, having the other disc formats around may just give the format a lower life span than expected, before the next media arrives.. unless cd/dvd remain for the next ten yrs and blu ray stays as the 'real' movie fans only choice! Lol :) if i go for blu ray im wondering what size of screen i really need to notice that much of a difference with cinema

  lofty29 12:39 27 Oct 2008

You can buy the zip up casses with compartments to hold about 100 disks for a couple of quid in the discount shops, take up the same amount of room as a large book and far better than spindles

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