How to I change contracts from a non smartphone to an iPhone 4?

  kashmir4 18:47 04 Feb 2014

Hi there,

Please let me first apologise for my complete lack of brain power with anything remotely technical, I'll do my best to try to put across my questions, albeit in pigeon english!

I currently have a Samsung C3530 which I've had for a good few years. It does what it says on the tin as I only ever text and call on the odd ocassion. My friend recently offered me a used iPhone 4 which she said she was given by a friend but has no need for as she has an iPhone already. I'd really like the phone but I've got quite a few questions I need some help with, so I'll bullet point all of them :-)

  • Is it safe for me to activate and use the iPhone? I'm not sure whether the phone is locked or unlocked as it needs charger and I've had to buy one (currently in the post). I've asked my friend about contacting the original owner but she doesn't seem to have any way of doing so (it sounds like a friend's friend's aunt's brother's sister type of thing). If it needs to be unlocked and I can't get in contact with the original owner, how would I go about doing this and how much, if anything, would it cost?

  • Is it possible for me to use my old contract with the phone? My current contract is a £10 a month Tesco mobile one (which is good for me as right now I don't and can't afford much more). I don't want to have to spend anymore on a new contract however I'm out of the loop with phones and don't know much about smartphone contracts.

  • SIM only contract? I'm assuming that getting a contract with an iphone would mean buying a new micro sim. I've looked on Tesco mobile and their SIM only 12 month micro sim card deals seem to be about £10. Would I be able to buy one of those for the phone?

Thanks for your patience and I apologise again for sounding a bit thick! lol. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks so much! :-)

  Woolwell 10:30 05 Feb 2014
  1. Unlocking - Sorry I cannot answer that as I don't know.

  2. Use of old contract - doubt it as you need to consider the amount of data that an iPhone uses.

  3. Sim only is the way to go. Talk to Tesco.

  SmartPhoneTabletFix 16:22 16 Apr 2014

Serial number from the phone (sim tray is unreliable as they get swapped now and again) is all that is needed from the phone to unlock, the only time they cannot be unlocked is if network barred because stolen.

Once you get the charger then plug in and give a charge, once the phone opens up it will more than likely say activation required, if not then go to settings , about and then you will have the serial number and possibly tell you what network it was under.

Unlocking costs vary from £45.00 upwards depending on network.

May need sim trim too

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