how to fix scratched audio cd?

  theDarkness 22:58 22 Nov 2008

the album has a scratch, so one particular song will not play at all. The rest of the album is fine. how can i fix it? I have tried some correction tools on my pc but they give me a track which skips all over the place. I would say the scratch is not too deep, as looking at the cd at an angle, i can see a shadow of the exact shape of the scratch, so it does not seem to have damaged any data going all the way through. it is wide enough for the song not be able to play at all, and a light cleaning of the cd does not help. is there any hope for it or should i bin it?

  DieSse 23:40 22 Nov 2008

click here

click here

Whatever you do do not use a circular motion when rubbing a CD - go across it.

  MCE2K5 00:02 23 Nov 2008

Whats the Album.

Is it on WE7. com

  Strawballs 23:06 24 Nov 2008

I use a skip doctor
click here

  Terry Brown 13:16 26 Nov 2008

If you put a small amount of a liquid cleaner, like flash liquid on a soft cloth and gently clean and dry the CD, this may do the trick.
It's helped me out a few times.

  theDarkness 05:35 08 Dec 2008

The song is shania twains track 04, black eyes blue tears, from 'Come On Over' 1998 album, and its NOT MINE! :) I was given it to try and fix, i thought i might be able to use a good ripper with error checking, but nothing seems to do the job. Thanks for the links- I have definately heard the first solution somewhere before, but have never tried it. With the second and third links, i always thought giving a disc a 'quick rinse under the tap' would be the worst thing to do? Im pretty sure ive had cds in which trapped water ruined the disc, and thought something such as flash might stain the disc- are there any cleaners i should definately avoid? Has anyone tried any of these solutions out, as I dont want to ruin the disc as ill be in trouble myself! The first seemingly odd solution of using a banana on shania twain might be the safest way to go

  Pine Man 08:31 08 Dec 2008

T Cut always worked for me.


  oldbeefer2 08:59 08 Dec 2008

Washing with water was suggested to me by a Dell techie when I couldn't get a disc to read at all. Worked.

  MCE2K5 01:20 11 Dec 2008

Have you managed to get that track yet, If Not, Send me a Private Message (Yellow Envelope job).

I know how to do it ;-)

  theDarkness 01:50 14 Dec 2008

thanks very much for the info :) I decided to give it the worst with a VERY hard scrub (using a not so soft cloth-not the best idea, and not recommended either)-but it worked! the ripped mp3 on the hd seems problem free, although the cd is now scratched pretty bad it still doesnt work in any normal hifi. ah well, cant have everything. lol. i couldve probably used a more patient method that wouldnt have ruined the disc, but then i just dont seem to have enough of it myself! :( lol

I was having another problem earlier, when trying both WMP and the superior 'Exact Audio Copy' to rip the same relatives library to their laptop. A couple of particular discs, most notably George Michaels 'Patience' (the irony!) and a Roxette 'Ballad and Pop Hits' must have some sort of copy protection, as they play fine on any stereo, but when either one is inserted on a pc, the system thinks no disc has been put in the drive at all, so theres supposedly nothing for it to do, and therefore wont rip using any program at all! They also refuse to play on any pc media player because of this, which is again ever so slightly ironic that the ones with the copying/ripping problems are only those actually buying the proper cds from the stores! Any ideas on how I can get around this? I cant think of any program that will help me show these discs on the drive, so that they will rip??? :( aargh-lol

  MCE2K5 02:14 14 Dec 2008

1. How to remove the Sony - XCP DRM Rootkit click here

2. Turn Off Auto Play for the DVD/CD Drive doing the Ripping.

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