How do I get integrated Freeview to work?

  Fruit Bat 19:04 23 Jun 2007

Hi i have just brought a Panasonic TX28DTX1 which says it has integrated Freeview. When ever i turn it to pick up digital channels it tells me there is no signal (on any channel), the ariel is plugged in (but works fine on annalog) so i went and brought a digital areial which has the same message displayed. can any one suggests something? thanks

  Al94 19:59 23 Jun 2007

Maybe this is a bit basic, but have you checked here? click here What aerial did you buy? Is it an outside mounted one?

  Stuartli 20:26 23 Jun 2007

Even if you were using an old narrowband aerial you would still be able to pick up some of the digital channels.

What is required (if you don't have one) is a wideband aerial.

It could be that the set is faulty (digital) tuner wise or, perhaps, you haven't read the manual properly...:-)

  Fruit Bat 20:34 23 Jun 2007

athanks for the quick responses- yes i did read the manuel and my ariel is in the loft, but it has been there for a number of years might i be able to get a new one and how much do they cost? and are they easy to install?

I have also checked and yes i have freeview in my area.

  Al94 20:40 23 Jun 2007

One like this in the loft works for me click here

  Fruit Bat 21:03 23 Jun 2007

Thanks Al94- did you install it yourself? how difficult was it (i have no idea about these), did you just attach it to your previous are Aerial?

  Al94 21:06 23 Jun 2007

Yes, just connected the existing co axial cable to it, couple of screws mounted the bracket on a rafter

  Stuartli 21:32 23 Jun 2007

Freeview transmissions are, at least until the analogue service is turned off in your area, at very much lower strength than normal terrestial transmissions.

It may be that you will need to have a new wideband aerial erected on the roof of your property rather than in the loft, especially if you are on or near the fringe of digital terrestial transmissions.

  oresome 19:29 24 Jun 2007

I don't know if this has any bearing on your problem, but I have just purchased an integrated 15" portable and the set has two aerial inputs, one for analogue and one for digital broadcasts.

The TV has to be set to TV or DVB prior to scanning for programmes on the relevant broadcast system and the aerial has to be in the correct socket of course.

  Stuartli 21:17 24 Jun 2007

Normally the aerial input would be to one coaxial socket only, even with integrated TV models.

However the analogue tuner is redundant if you can receive all the Freeview TV (and radio) channels - it's probably aimed at those who can still only receive analogue television transmissions in the UK, but wish to future proof the set.

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