How do I connect my vcr, f/view box, dvd & tv

  cashew 12:53 19 Jan 2006

Can anyone tell me what connection leads and how to connect the following

TV x 1
Freeview box x 2 (labelled vcr & tv)
Video Recorder x 1
DVD Player x 1

I currently have 1 x scart lead and a scart thingy that turns 1 scart socket into 2.

I'd also like some tips on how to watch a different chanel to the 1 being recorded, if it's possible.
ps sorry if i've done this wrong but I'm a total Forum Virgin.

  DieSse 13:57 19 Jan 2006

SCARTs from the freeview box to the TV (via the doubler) and the VCR, as labelled.

SCART doubler into the TV - the DVD player by SCART into the second doubler socket.

It may happen that the DVD player will affect the picture from the other sources when plugged in - in which case you will have to replace the SCART doubler with a SCART switch - so that you can switch to either the DVD or the Freeview/Video input.

  DieSse 14:00 19 Jan 2006

Assuming your Freeview box has a single tuner (the normal ones have) - then you can't watch one Freeview channel and record another.

What you can do is record the channel your Freeview box is set to, and use the direct aerial input to the TV to watch a different analogue channel.

  jack 14:19 19 Jan 2006

1. Cross link the VCR to the Digibox thus
a aerial to digi first loop out to vcr loop out
to TV.
2 .Scart from VCR to dig box digibox to Scart

3. DVD as an inipentandt unit to Scart switcher

Scart switcher to TV.

The TV will 'see' the Digi/VCR combo as one unit and you will be able to record dgig stuff and analogue whilst watch a programme or a DVD.

Asl look out for the Phillips autoswitch this automatically detect which unit is ond and blocks others thus preventing cross feeding of signals.

They are anout a tenner and I got mine in ASDA

  Skills 15:09 19 Jan 2006

If the video recorder only has one scart surely this will be a scart out and not in and therefore you wont be able to record from the freeview box?

  DieSse 18:31 19 Jan 2006

Most VCRs have only one SCART, and it's bidirectional - if you look at the SCART wiring, inputs and outputs are on different pins.

  rippanation 19:19 19 Jan 2006

Can anyone here please tell me if there is a way to just connect my pc upstairs to my living room television downstairs?

  jack 19:49 19 Jan 2006

What I posted is what I did and yes the VCR Scart therefore must be bidirectional.
When wiahing to do a Digi recording simply select the L1 channel on the VCR - L1 =Line one on most models it follows channel 5 if your are tuned tho it or the last terrestrial channel.
One VCR I have has an 'Input' button on the remote - same thing -selects the Li
Set the digitimer set the VCR timeer and let 'em get on with it.

  jack 19:51 19 Jan 2006

Butting in is rude
your question has nothing to do with this string
Go start your own thread

  Skills 23:40 19 Jan 2006

Thanks for that I always thought that they where either in or out you learn something new everyday

  jakimo 22:52 21 Jan 2006

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