How to connect two TV's?

  maco2078 07:26 05 Jun 2009

Hi, I am hoping to put my old fat arsed TV in the bedroom and have as a second TV.

How do I hook it up to the existing aerial that is in the lounge?

I did have this set up once before and I believe we had a "marriage" set up, it was a two point aerial splitter, but someone told me that isn't such a good idea.

I hope to have my current TV and DTR in lounge and set up older TV and DTR in bedroom and all I know at present is will need to drill a hole in the wall for the wire(s).


  natdoor 11:35 05 Jun 2009

A lot will depend on signl strength and quality in your area. A simple two-way splitter would be cheap and effective if the signal from your aerial is adequate. I assume that you mean that the otput from your aerial is routed to your lounge, rather than actually being in it. In this case, if you have a mast head amplifier or equivalent fitted the power supply would need to be applied on the aerial side of the splitter as these do not pass DC.

I would be inclined to purchase a splitter and insert it at the TV end of the coax to test the impact on reception. If this is satisfactory, choose a point in the coax run to insert it that is both convenient and minimizes the length of cable needed to reach your set in the bedroom.

Amplified splitters are also available but may not be necessary in your case. I assume you are already using the freeview service. Signal strength will, of course, improve post switch-over, if that has not already occurred in your locality.

  maco2078 13:12 05 Jun 2009

I have a splitter here or did have, will look it out.

We have pretty good reception here, although it is a council shared communal aerial.

yes, I already have Freeview but the old Tv is analogue so the spare box I have will convert that to Freeview.

  sidoffice 12:34 25 Jun 2011

its a video wall controller, 2x2 up to 4 screens, i managed to buy one from company at

managed to get the manual for the standalone videowall controller i hope this helps turns out this unit does both portrait and landscape

  Crosstrainer2 15:05 25 Jun 2011

How about a wireless sender/receiver ? Depending on distance these can work well.

  onionskin 22:04 25 Jun 2011

Stick an aerial in the loft and make a hole in the ceiling?

  Roadgiant 09:38 26 Jun 2011

A wireless sender receiver wouldn't send a aerial signal to another TV, I have one with 2 extra receivers sending the Sky signal to 2 extra TVs (one in the Bedroom and kitchen) only drawback is that all 3 sets have to watch the same Sky Channel.Having recently had the house extended, I had an aerial fitter install 2 aerials and feeds to 4 different rooms in the house so we could also watch Freeview in different rooms, if I remember correctly it was somewhere around the £140 mark, but well worth the money.

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