How to change battery on Apple i phone

  ponytail 17:15 13 Jun 2016

When my wife used her Apple i phone last week to ring me it was raining which seemed to cause a problem even thought he phone was in it's case and now the battery does not seem able to hold it's charge for long.I have checked online and batteries are available but on checking on how to change one it seems to be a tricky job and also you seem to need some special tool(s) for the job.Can anyone advise as to what I need to do.

  ponytail 17:18 13 Jun 2016

Forgot to say the phone is a 4s

  Govan1x 19:24 13 Jun 2016

Google for you tube videos for it. If your eyesight is bad and you cannot handle miniature screws etc I would forget about it and get someone to do it for you.

You can pick up the tool set for less than £5 but a bit of a nightmare trying to get a proper battery. A lot of poor ones being sold.

  Govan1x 19:29 13 Jun 2016

Here you go. Looks like it is a dawdle but if your eyesight is poor you will struggle.

Click Here

  Govan1x 19:31 13 Jun 2016
  Govan1x 09:59 17 Jun 2016

Have you changed it yet. let me know how you get on. it is simple to do if you have good eyesight. Mine is poor but still managed to remove battery and put it back in again.

I just wish the iphone 5s was as easy to get into.

  ponytail 06:48 18 Jun 2016

Been rather busy in the back garden laying a patio but hope to have a go at it this weekend.Have got the replacement battery and the tools will post the result.

  lama1980 08:16 19 Jul 2016

If you use screwdriver then you can replace the batterie.

  robin_x 19:47 19 Jul 2016

Tip: Even if you have magnetic screwdrivers, some jobs are still fiddly.

A small blob of BluTak on tip can be useful.

  rdave13 02:32 21 Aug 2016


I've waited a while for other responses to your last post. None forth coming so being naive I have to ask the question. Why name a poster while the whole point of this forum is to be under a moniker and be anonymous ?

If a joke and Mr Paul Blackburn isn't ponytail then the humour, or otherwise, is lost to me.

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