Hold back for itunes 5 patch

  De Marcus™ 21:40 17 Sep 2005

Quite a few members here are having/had a few gripes with Itunes 5, so heres a head's up till apple release an official patch for the software, WAIT, the patch should be released next week. click here

  powerless 22:22 17 Sep 2005

It's been OK [ish] for me.

  De Marcus™ 22:25 17 Sep 2005

My instalation went flawlessly, I think the bigest bugbear is down to the 'bonjour' service and quicktime. Hopefully apple will get this sorted quicktime also ;-) (sorry!)

  Forum Editor 12:28 18 Sep 2005

Then I tried to install some other software, and discovered that the iTunes install (it can only have been that) had messed with my registry, and the Windows installer threw a wobbly.

I've put that right, but I decided to do without the new iTunes version until they sort out the glitches.

  De Marcus™ 10:52 19 Sep 2005

bump n tick

  Kate B 12:27 20 Sep 2005

I've had no problems with the new version of iTunes - guess I've just been lucky!

  interzone55 14:46 20 Sep 2005

The problem relates to the Bonjour service installed to aid music sharing across a network.

For some reason it changes IP addresses of machines and it also changed the DNS server address stored in my DLink router.

A number of people have reported the DLink issue.

The workaround is to stop the Bonjour Service from the control panel

  vinnyT 13:17 21 Sep 2005

The patch is out, ver 5.0.1 download from betanews (4th down list).

click here

  De Marcus™ 18:53 21 Sep 2005

I can't see it vinnyT?

  powerless 23:17 21 Sep 2005

iTunes - Help - Check For iTunes Updates.

  vinnyT 09:41 22 Sep 2005

FAO De Marcus™
It now about 2 clicks on the pagedown key, sorry they added more links after I had posted.

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