Ho to install dish and receiver?

  Max200g 08:18 04 Jun 2008

Hi I have purchased a new sky dish and receiver box for my caravan, I have got a satelite finder which picks up a strong signal, but when I connect the dish back up to the receiver all i get is a signal strengh of about 3/4 along the bar but absolutely no signal quality. so all i keep getting is no satilite signal being received - can anyone help me out as to what I`m doing wrong?

Thanks Max

  ^wave^ 11:30 04 Jun 2008

you could be on the wrong satelite try here
click here

  peter99co 18:58 04 Jun 2008

Point the dish to the east and then slowly to south east until you find Astra28 which is the first satellite you come to. If you start in the south and go east you will have to go past three sat's you do not need to use.

  peter99co 19:08 04 Jun 2008

Do not adjust up/down until left/right is on target. Look at the dish and LNB angle and bear in mind that the signal is deflected down into the LNB. It is easy to point up the dish thinking it needs to be pointing at the target. It is a line through the LNB into the dish and up. The dish can be almost vertical. I think a compass bearing to Astra is 152 degrees SE

  peter99co 19:13 04 Jun 2008

If you still get no signal you need to test with a voltmeter set to continuity setting and check that the plugs and copper sheathing give a positive reading. then check the core is also complete for the cable length. How many breaks have you got in the cable from LNB to Tuner?

  Max200g 06:45 05 Jun 2008

Thanks for the replies, I have tried the above to locate the satelite and have set it at same direction / elevation from the sky dish that is on my house but I now don`t even get any satelite signal at all. I`m sure I have the right satelite. When tested with my satelite finder it says I have a meter reading of 9 out of 10, which to me is good. As for the cable it is one continious length of cable with fittings each end. I have fitted this cable to my house dish (which I know is working fine) and it still works fine so I know the cable is ok. The dish is supposed to be new, how ever looking at it more closely it doesn`t appear to be so do you think I could have a bad dish? If so would replacing the LNB rectify it? As this is what I`m thinking of doing. Thanks Max

  dms_05 08:46 05 Jun 2008

If you get good Signal Strength and no Signal Quality you are on the wrong satellite. The one exception with Sky is if you are located outside of the UK and sufficiently S or E to be outside of the default transponder footprint. Not all Sky transponders have the same footprint.

The difference between adjacent satellites is small. Sky on Astra at 28 degs (S of East), then 23 degs, 19 degs, 16 degs, 13 degs, 10 degs, 7 degs and so on. However for this example Sky is the last satellite to the East (the ones at 31 degs etc are all too weak on a small dish).

Realign on what you think is the correct satellite. If it's still zero quality then move the dish slowly East and move it down by the tiniest possible movement. You were probably on Astra 19 degs so need to move 9 degs East.

If you feel adventurous when on the good signal/no quality satellite go to Add Channels and enter the information for a FTA channel on Astra 19, you should then see a picture. Look at 11567 Vertical, 22,000 bit/sec FEC 5/6 - this will give RAI Uno, RTP and many others.

Good luck.

  BRYNIT 13:35 05 Jun 2008

If I remember correctly the sat finder requires a small voltage to work which I assume is supplied via the cable from the sat box connected to the mains. If when you remove the sat finder from the cable and had not unplugged the sat box from the mains first, accidentally touching the end of the cable can cause a problem with the signal to the sat box. Try unplugging the sat box for two-three minutes plug back in and see if it has reset itself.

  Jim_F 16:01 05 Jun 2008

This could be the F-connectors (aptly named !) - check the inner conductor goes well past the end of the screen section at both ends and the screen connection is also intact. I've seen an open loop coax or even a faulty lnb produce a lot of noise that can look like signal.

Its also worth chacking that the sat box is set to provide voltage to the lnb - in systems used in flats this is switched off.

  peter99co 20:28 09 Jun 2008

Have you put a continuity test on the outer and inner cores.

It is best to start in the east and move south for astra28. check the up/down after you have found the direction. go just past dir and return slowly. same with up/down.

The copper mesh must touch the outer connectors but not the inner core.

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