COLNEBOY 16:46 20 Jul 2006

I have taken delivery of a Samsung HD ready LCD Tv which has available an HDMI connection socket

I have also bought a Samsung Hard Disk DVD Player/recorder which also has HMDI socket.

Reading the connection advice from both sets of handbooks is confusing to an ignoramous like me and having tried all variations have still not got optimum results with some of the features not up and running

Have anyone got same set up who can tell me exactly which bits to put where?

  silverous 13:28 21 Jul 2006

Surely you just connect hdmi to hdmi? What other bits are there?

  COLNEBOY 13:39 21 Jul 2006

Yes, I thought the idea was/is that one cable is enough with HDMI but as in effect I bought both pieces seperately the two packs include audio cables, RF cable and I already had a Scart lead
Samsungs web page includes a good set of instruction sfor connections but does not include any that have HDMI !

When I phoned the customer care helpline I was told that if I wanted to record also I would neen to connect aeriel to DVD; RF lead from DVD to TV and also use scart!

Suppose I better try HDMI on its own ?


  silverous 15:06 21 Jul 2006

Oh I see. I guess recording has to be done via other means due to copy protection maybe...dunno.

Well can't you connect up all the various ways suggested and then just choose the input accodingly on the TV?

You should be able to choose the HDMI input if you are watching DVDs or watching TV. In fact I can't see why you'd need anything for recording - the recording is done on your recorder! Unless of course you are recording the output from your TV somehow.

Also have a crack at posting this on click here where I suspect you'll get a better answer. It doesn't necessarily need to be specific to your TV & Recorder as I think this is a more generic question anyway so you might get more answers posting that way (as you did with this post).

  siouxah1 21:38 21 Jul 2006

I have recently delved into this arena.
The items that are connected are:-
LCD TV that will show 576P 720P 1080i.
HDD DVD recorder.
Sky box. Normal.
DVD Player.

The way I connect is:-

DVD Player Scart to Sky box Scart.
Scart out on Sky box to one of the scart sockets on DVD Recorder.
Scart socket out on DVD player to second Scart on DVD recorder.
HDMI out from DVD Recorder to TV.

With all items switched on. This should allow you to record on the DVD Recorder - both HDD and DVD r from the DVD Player.
Also to record from the sky Box to recorder.
Also to record from the TV built in to the DVD recorder.

The output from the DVD Recorder is via the HDMI cable. This means that when you select an input device you can upscale the signal to that which you desire. ( In my case it is HDMI to DVI, Philips TV which means an AV amp as DVI does not carry sound, whereas HDMI should.)

If you do not have sky then select the Scart out on TV and plug into the DVD Recorder Scart. This then should allow you to record from your TV.

The quality that is recorded depends on the recorder. Which on mine is XP>EP>etc. You will then be able to output this via the HDMI cable to the TV at whichever setting you choose to upscale to. ie 576p,720p or 1080i, unless of course there are limitations set by the Recorder manufacture.

The recorder I have will not record to HDD or DVD R in widescreen, only 4:3. However this can be output at 576p to fill the 16:9 screen.

You may not want to do this, but I have a further scart on the Sky box to Scart on the TV which allowa Scart RGB. This is because I have problems with Discovery channels when trying to watch them.

Please feel free to ask further questions if you cannot dicipher my ramblings above.


  siouxah1 21:39 21 Jul 2006


  COLNEBOY 22:49 21 Jul 2006

Thanks for your contribution, a lot for me to take a look at. I dont have a Sky Box so wont have to worry about that
Looks as though I have some things to try on Saturday, thanks

  Hullite 08:17 16 Aug 2006

I am about to have my sky package upgraded to HD this weekend and my old sky box transferred upstairs so i have multi room capability. Because of the location of my house terresterial viewing through my aerial is almost impossible even with a booster so this will be the first time we have had tv upstairs. However the sky fitter will fit the digibox in one room upstairs so i beleive. What my daughters are now asking me and my question here is, can i patch this box somehow so that sky is available in my daughters bedroom as well as ours? Any suggestions greatly appreaciated.

  silverous 10:14 16 Aug 2006

Start a new thread hullite, your question isn't about the topic so you won't get as much help as if you did a new thread.

I think you have a number of options:

i) A video sender - a device that sits on your sky box in the upstairs room, with another device on your daughter's tv and sends the signal (and remote signals) between the two. You both have to watch same channel.

ii) I believe you can take the RF out from your sky box (as long as tv in new sky room uses scart) and physically cable that (e.g. up through gap behind plaster) say into loft and back into daughter's room (or outside house) and use that as the aerial-in on your daughters tv. You can also get equipment that will control the original box through that setup, forget what it is called.

iii) I think sky will do more rooms for you if you pay for multiroom, you can then watch channels separately (both the above will only leave you all watching same channel).

  kinger 15:08 17 Aug 2006

HDMI in the TV is an input only, so that you can get sound and vision from your DVD.

To record, plug the aerial lead into DVD then a lead from the aerial out on your DVD to the input on your TV (to enable you to get pics from your aerial, on your TV).

When you watch recorded programs from your DVD, use the HDMI connection for better quality experience.

The HDMI output will be upscaled resolution to your TV but, as you recorded it in normal resolution, won't be true HD, of course.

Watching DVD's will be better but not exactly Blu-ray or HD DVD quality.

  COLNEBOY 16:42 17 Aug 2006

The latest contribution is helpful to me as I do not have a Sky Box to worry about.
What I was hoping was that it would be possible to record Digital broadcasts.
The way I have connected is as shown in above contribution but can only record one of those 5 analogue broadcasts

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