High Gain indoor Aerial for digital freeview box?

  De Marcus™ 17:19 22 Nov 2005

Could anyone point me to a product (preferably from maplins or other large store) that would allow me to receive a signal on a digital set top box, the aerial has to be an indoor type (no option on this), high gain or sensitivity? as it's to be used in a low signal area. Cost isn't an issue so long as we don't run into three digits and keep it to two, (£00) under £100).

I've had a look round and admit to being baffled by the therms used in the descriptions such as "Reverse SMA connection".

Any help would be greatly appreciated as we've just finished building a clubhouse in our backyard and it wouldn't be right to pour the first pint without having a working signal that's watchable.

  De Marcus™ 17:20 22 Nov 2005

therms > terms

  DieSse 17:32 22 Nov 2005

Interesting read here click here

and an even better one here click here

  De Marcus™ 17:41 22 Nov 2005

Will have a read, thanks DieSse.

I suppose we may come a cropper, the council stipulated we must use high density metal foil coated insulation boards (two of them) which are about 6" thick, so thats 4 foil layers.

  DieSse 17:55 22 Nov 2005

No chance at all inside 4 foil layers I would think. You probably come as close to blanking all incoming signals as you can get.

How about a floor stand aerial outside, which you brning in when not in use? ie - not a permanent fixture. How is the *ruling* about outside aerials worded - try and find a way to work around it.

  De Marcus™ 18:19 22 Nov 2005

That's actually a very good idea (floor standing aerial). We have a storage cupboard which we could use when it's not use, time methinks to go to the drawing board and brush up on my welding for the floorstand. The clubhouse is built low into the ground (approx 3ft), it was done so we could get around the councils height restriction, it would have to be made so the aerial cleared the roof of the clubhouse, luckily the signal comes from behind so I don't have to worry about the height of the house, just the clubhouse.

Again thanks for prompting the grey matter!

  De Marcus™ 18:21 22 Nov 2005

I'll try and post a picture to give you an idea in case you have any other ideas, so far the floor standing aerial is definitely a favourite.

  Confab 12:31 23 Nov 2005

What about a minidish? This doesn't have to be located high up and can be placed on or near to the ground if you like, just as long as it's got clear view of the satellite.

I wasn't thinking of SKY by the way but freeview from click here


  Confab 12:53 23 Nov 2005

Or - just another thought - Why not have the aerial in/on your house with the coax running underground to the clubhous?


  amonra 14:45 23 Nov 2005

Another possible work-round, is there a window in the wall facing the transmitter ? If so, then you can buy aerials which are practically flat that could be positioned almst flush to the glass. Worth a look ?

  De Marcus™ 16:43 23 Nov 2005

Hi all and thanks for the suggestions, we installed the aerial today based on a modification on DieSse's original suggestion. The aerial is now fitted on a telescopic rod (worked by a pulley) down by the narrow left side of the clubhouse, a quick wind on the pulley winches it up to clear the roofline by 2ft. Reception is not that good on normal TV but plugged through the digibox, it's perfect with an 85% signal on all channels. And as you can see from the first click here it's not visible when winched down. The aerial we opted for in the end was a high gain, high sensitivity thingy from maplins (ugly looking).

The second click here is for the curious. It's my lovingly created bar minus pumps and chiller (that's tommorows job ;-)

click here

click here

Many thanks to all for the suggestions, I'd invite you all to the opening night but were full up as is ;-)

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