Help! Want small LCD TV with Freeview and DVD play

  tryingtobemodern 18:57 04 Jan 2008

I wonder if there is anyone out there that could advise me.
At the moment we have a small TV with Freeview box, VCR and DVD player - ie 3 separate and additional compenents connected via a scart connector which you have to press a button to select the peripheral you want to "watch" THis is actually quite pants; the only one that works regularly is the Freeview, I can watch pre-recorded vidoes but can't record off the TV (even terrestriall/analogue channels, and the DVD player now doesn't work. I am sick of all the cables, scarts, scart box, explaining to people how it all works (or doesn't!) I think i would like a 19inch LCD TV with integrated freeview, and DVD player, which I can also connect to a VCR. DOes that make sense and if it does, do you think it is possible? I would be vv grateful for any advice on set up or brands, or anything. Cheers all

  pchelper001 19:05 04 Jan 2008

ideally you would want a samsung or LG television but a good one with freeview and dvd is the goodman GTVL19W17HDVF

  tryingtobemodern 19:32 04 Jan 2008

Do you mean that it is all possible, but that the best results would be with LG or Samsung TV?

  pchelper001 19:37 04 Jan 2008

yes, but i do not know if lg or samsung make that setup, but samsung and lg have best picture quality.

  tryingtobemodern 19:38 04 Jan 2008

you're right they don't make that format, any other brands which are better in your opinion?

  oresome 19:39 04 Jan 2008

The problems don't always stop when you buy new equipment!

We bought a new small lcd digital TV in June last year (Viewsonic). The TV has 2 aerial inputs, one for analogue and one for digital. The aerial lead is plugged in the digital aerial socket.

The TV invariably, but not always, powers up in the analogue mode with no picture. You then have to access the menu and change to digital to receive a picture.

Being a small 15" screen, the TV is 4:3 aspect ratio, but has no provision to fill the screen with the centre of a widescreen transmission, so the available picture on digital is even smaller with large gaps top and bottom.

Originally, you couldn't adjust colour, contrast or brightness on digital. It had to be returned to the service agent for a software upgrade to provide these functions.

The set has since been back for a new tuner and main board and still has faults.

I mention these problems because there is a lot of rubbish in the shops, especially the lesser known brands that tend to include DVD players.

Choose carefully and ensure the TV does what you want it to do. Ours was bought in a rush and I have regretted it ever since.

  pchelper001 19:49 04 Jan 2008

the Daewoo DSL19V1WCD would be a better choice than the goodmans, but it will be your choice in the end.

  tryingtobemodern 20:11 04 Jan 2008

I am willing to spend more money on a high quality tv (but small inch screen) as well as a separate DVD player but in all honesty, it is ease of function and set up that i am looking for, don't mind spending more if set up is easy and I don't have to scrabble around with scarts etc etc every time i decide i want to use the vcr or reg tv or dvd function.....

  Stuartli 00:19 05 Jan 2008

>>but samsung and lg have best picture quality.>>

Not in the case of LG...:-)

Not many 19in LCDs with built-in DVD player. Some examples:

click here

click here

But don't forget that if the DVD player (or even the TV) proves faulty at any time, you lose the use of both items.

DVD players are stupidly cheap at the moment, especially the excellent Toshiba models, so you should really put your money into buying the best TV for the sum you have in mind.

  Computerdope 09:03 06 Jan 2008

stupidly simple to set up. with a great picture.

  Stuartli 10:46 06 Jan 2008

Tecknika re-badges many of its products - that link seems to illustrate a set that is suspiciously like a Digihome model...:-)

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