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  maco2078 08:07 20 Mar 2009

Aaaaarrrggghhhhh¬! Finally sorting the new Thomson TUTV DTR with the Freeview TV I have I now find the remote is not fully working and am having to use both remotes for the DTR and TV.

It does say I can use the Thomson DTR to control all the TV so I looked up the code (Teccnika is spelt Technica in the code manual) so am presuming it is one and the same, I did as instructed and no go.

The TV now comes on Ext 2 btw and No signal comes up when I switch on the TV so I have to use the AV and scroll down and make sure it is set to Ext 2. Being a novice this means nothing to me.

Anyone got any ideas what has gone wrong please?

  maco2078 13:43 20 Mar 2009

I think I have sussed it.

My friend left the black co-axial lead off the DTR because the manual showed it going into the VCR which I currently don't have.

I thought something was amiss, because that co-axial has always linked up between the PVR/Video/DVD and the TV.

So this morning I had a looksee and I plugged the co-axial lead into the PVR and found another Ant in thr back of my Tv and stuck the other end in there.

Well, now I can actually watch the Tv or put the DTR on and watch that.

I have also managed to fiddle around and discover the Menu.etc

Still have to figure out the How to record which someone has suggested is best to do it from the Guide.

  Demora 20:36 21 Mar 2009

We used to have a Sanyo TV and VCR. When my other half connected up a Video camera it wiped all the setting between the remotes and tv channels. It was a nightmare to get back up and running. No longer own that lat. BUT I won't let him connect anything to the tv now unless I'm there.

So I know just how you feel. Good luck.


  maco2078 20:44 21 Mar 2009

Hi, well I got it sorted. I knew that black co-axial lead was meant to be plugged in somewhere in the DTR as it has done so for the Digilogic freeview box I originally had and then the Goodmans.

Anyway, the other day, I just plugged it into the back of the DTR and I saw an Ant in on my new TV.

Wallah! Now I can switch the TV on and just watch the TV on there, it already has built in Freeview, or I can switch the Thomson remote on and watch Tv from the box and obviously record. The picture is slightly better on the DTR.

I am slowly but surely finding my way around it but does anyone know why it holds about 3 records and the rest, well, if you press ALL it suddenly comes on (what you have recoreded) Mind you this is on programme timer and not manual which I shall try to figure out next.

We always assume that others are more clever than we are and trust to them to help us sort things out, but I have learned from experience this is not always the case.


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