Help needed on using my TV as the monitor for my PC

  leigh.froud 12:58 27 Jan 2014


i am after some advise, i will happily Admiralty this confuses the hell out of me. i have a standard desktop PC which does not have a HDMI connection, it only has VGA. i was looking to use my 32" Samsung (not a smart TV) as the monitor. The TV itself has scart, HDMI and RCA.

I am under the understanding that i will need a converter to do this, now which converter i need is the question, i have looked at a few on Amazon (see links below) and was not sure which one i would need.

any advise would be great.

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  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:32 27 Jan 2014

VGA to HDMI cables do not work, you need an expensive adaptor

HDMI (PC) to VGA (TV) which you have listed, will work but its the wrong way round for what you want.

The VGA RCA cable should work if you are sure the TV is RCA although picture quality will not be very good.

your third linl is to connect a phone / pad tith Micro usd MDi to a hdmi TV

not what you asked for?

and the last link is t connect a Raspberry Pi to a TV again hot what you asked for

  leigh.froud 16:53 27 Jan 2014

Thank you very much, very helpful. two more questions, if i was to use the VGA to RCA cable i take it i would just use a male to male aux cable for audio?

also would this work if i then converted the RCA to a scart by using a converter below??

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  Bris 19:42 28 Jan 2014

I dont know how old your PC is but have you considered replacing the graphics card or installing one if you are using on board graphics.

Provided you are using the PC for general use and arent gaming or photo editing etc then you can get a graphics card with an HDMI connector for less than £25.

If the PC is more than 5 years old then this is probably not an option.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:19 28 Jan 2014

yes to the audio cable

the picture via a scart adaptor would be even worse.

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