help me please

  ROB.R 18:39 28 Jun 2009

i want to download films from the net but what programs do i need i have been trying for 30 hours with no luck can some one help me please

  Stuartli 18:45 28 Jun 2009

Rather than apparently wasting so much time on a fruitless cause, why didn't you Google for some advice?

  ROB.R 19:13 28 Jun 2009

do you think i have not done that but i dont understand what they ment but thank you

  ROB.R 19:15 28 Jun 2009

but i might be wrong

  bobbybowls 20:41 28 Jun 2009
  UK Sub 09:29 29 Jun 2009
  DieSse 02:00 01 Jul 2009

click here

Took me a few minutes to google this. Loads of free legal downloads - many other sections to the site.

  Kevscar1 08:51 04 Jul 2009

If you had said that you had searched and didn't understand Stuartli wouldn't have given his response. Unfortunatley we get hundreds of posts from people who are just to lazy to do that and sometimes it gets to us. I even started a thread on it.

  DieSse 11:15 04 Jul 2009

"I even started a thread on it."

But I was too lazy to comment on it


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