Help to Improve sound on a dvd I've burned.

  PC_HelpMe 22:32 18 Nov 2006

Please help. To cut a long story a bit shorter I was given a video tape with a relative's wedding on it. I managed to record the video on to the hard disk of a dvd recorder I have (which is attached to my main tv in the house). I then transferred the recording on to a dvd disc.

Unfortunately, the sound is awful - very faint and not much difference is made when you turn the volume up on the tv - apart from more hissing. Is there any free software out there that I could maybe download that would allow me to "fix" the sound and make it louder and reduce this hissing? (I have Nero 7 on my computer). Thanks.

  Vangeliska 22:49 18 Nov 2006

Is the sound acceptable on the Video Tape?

  PC_HelpMe 22:51 18 Nov 2006

It wasn't bad - it certainly wasn't as bad as how it seems to have recorded on to the dvd.

  Vangeliska 23:01 18 Nov 2006

Sounds to me like a transferral problem, you are not going to "clean-up" the DVD without making a new copy. I can't suggest the way to do this, hopefully someone can!

  amonra 14:19 19 Nov 2006

Scrap the DVD and start again. As Vangeliska says, you cant alter what's done. Try a new recording and boost the sound before you commit, even if you think it's too loud.

  PC_HelpMe 15:13 19 Nov 2006

I'm all up for scrapping the dvd and trying to record it again - but won't it just record at a set volume anyway no matter how high I put the volume up?

  De Marcus™ 16:50 19 Nov 2006

I would first investigate the DVD recorder settings, if you scrap this DVD and do another only to find you've got the same problem you'll sigh and leave it for another day :-)

Or if you'd prefer, post the make and model of DVD recorder and someone will most likely have a look to see if it's a setting you need to adjust.

I would then check to see the if the captured video plays back ok from the source, you said it does so move onto the DVD recorders hard drive, does it play back ok from there?

  jack 19:42 19 Nov 2006

One more thing to try before committing to another disc .
Unplug the video connection and record separately the sound only.
Clean this up in an audio editor [Audacity or Dexter- Jan PCA disk]
And experiment with recording the video side separately and making a Disk Image or Mpeg to your Hard rive. playing around a lot is the only way to find out what can be achieved

  Confab 14:00 21 Nov 2006

Two things you can try.

If you have Nero then this has the ability to copy a DVD and increase the sound level of the copy by up to 200%. Also check your DVD recorder settings. Mine has an Input Audio setting which allows me to increase or decrease the Audio Input volume by +-6db


  PC_HelpMe 11:27 06 Dec 2006

Thanks to you all for your ideas and sorry for the delay in responding.

As I have Nero, I may look into trying to increase the sound level to see if this works first before I start fiddling about with leads(that is, if I can find where this function is within Nero as I have Nero 7 Essentials).

  PC_HelpMe 19:28 06 Dec 2006

I've had a look in my Nero 7 Essentials software - but can't find anywhere that gives me the ability to copy a DVD and increase the sound level of the copy by up to 200% - as advised by Confab - can anyone give me more specific directions as to where this would be within Nero please?

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