HELP!! Connecting 5 plasma's to Sky box and splitter

  ryanch69 10:50 02 Apr 2014


I have a PC which is currently connected to a splitter and being displayed on 5 plasma televisions. I have just had Sky installed and am attempting to connect the Sky box to the splittle to then display on all TV's. I have tried to connect it via several different methods with no luck. I have tried; Rs to VGA, Scart to VGA, Component to VGA.

Does anyone know if i got a HDMI to VGA if this would work??

  alanrwood 11:32 02 Apr 2014

You don't say what connections are available on the TV, computer or splitter so not possible to really respond.

  alanrwood 11:32 02 Apr 2014

Also the Sky box.

  ryanch69 11:42 02 Apr 2014


The televisions are connected to the splitter via VGA and this is the only connection on the splitter.

The Sky box has several connections but im unsure which of them are actually outputs. It has VGA, RS, RF, HDMI, Scart, Optical and USB (Which im pretty sure is not an output)

  BRYNIT 12:04 02 Apr 2014

The VGA on the TV is input from a Computer. You cannot connect the TV to a splitter and expect to view it else where.

You need to connect the sky box HDMI or scart to the spitter box as the input. TV's are then connected from the splitter box via the output.

Unless the splitter box is capable of connecting two inputs and can switch between these you will not be able to use the Computer and the Sky box from the same splitter.

If you do connect the sky box to all TV's via a splitter you will only have the same TV program on all of the TV's

  alanrwood 21:07 02 Apr 2014

Bryant has it right unless it is an intelligent splitter which allows more than one input and selectable outputs to each of the 5 TVs. Doubt if it is as sophisticated as that as that would be an expensive piece of kit.

  ryanch69 08:42 03 Apr 2014

Thanks for your responses,

I dont think im being very clear here,

The televisions and the splitter (input and output - VGA) are working fine and i have no issues. The actual issue is that i have a sky box and i want to stream it through all of the plasmas but I dont know how to connect the Sky box (which has many connections on the back) to the splitter (VGA only)

Hope that makes a little more sense.

  alanrwood 11:20 03 Apr 2014

VGA can mean several things. It is a video standard used with various plugs/sockets to describe the output signal format. It is also used as a name for the video socket used on computers to feed the monitor (also referred to as DSUB). We need the exact details on the type of connection ie Scart,RCA, HDMI DVI etc. The splitter is probably one to six scarts and is unintelligent ie it does not allow switching and only allows one input which is feeds the same signal to all the outputs.

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