Help with choosing, please!

  Simsy 07:57 17 Nov 2007


It fallen to me to get a new camera for my dad for christmas, and there's so much out there that I'm not sure where to start eliminating/choosing!

I'd reaaly appreciate any pointers...

It's from several of us, so the budget is slightly flexible, but I'd want to be looking at stuff in the range £120-£160 This could be exceeded slightly, but lets stay here as a starting point!

essential are;
1)Large Screen
2)Optical viewfinder
3)EASY to use, that is, not to many options! I've a Canon Powershot540 and though I'm happy with it, there're too many options for my dad to be happy with it!

Slight preference for SD card memory, (but only based on cost, so that's not a priority1)
Anything upward of 5Mpixels

Not needed are Wireless or pictbridge, which I know many have. It's not neccessarily a problem if they are there, but they wont be used!

I'm not trying to absolve myself completely of doing research, but it's difficult to know where to start!

Thanks in anticipation,



  jack 08:46 17 Nov 2007

As your are not 'Brand' oriented possibly one of the best places to look are on the pages of the firms that buy up and sell recently superseded models.
Popular makes currently on sale in the big chains or catalogue stores- that has been supplanted by the manufacturer can be found here at up to half list list. here are two such ,take a look at
click here
click here. com

  jack 08:50 17 Nov 2007

that second one let to the wrong place try this one
click here

  crosstrainer 09:03 17 Nov 2007

Try this:

click here

  Simsy 10:19 17 Nov 2007

but, I'm looking for some specific guidance as to models really.

I had already looked at the morgan site, (a favourite of mine), but I've eliminated everything there, for one reason or another.

I'm looking at your second link now.

crosstrainer, thanks, but I'd already eliminated that as well, as it doesn't have a viewfinder!

Any more suggestions folks?




  siouxah1 10:31 17 Nov 2007

click here

Canon 460

click here


I use the F30

Can recommend both of these or any of the Canons or Fujis in that range. Of the two I would say the F40fd should be the better.

  siouxah1 11:20 17 Nov 2007

Simsy, perhaps I should add a little to the last.

Although the F40df looks a little complex at first glance, all that needs to be done is use the auto. This and the F30 get good, if not rave, reviews for good pics at high iso settings which auto tends to use to keep the shutter speed up.

The battery for this camera is Li ion with a good life. Can appear to be more expensive than AAs but a quick search on the web gave me an inexpensive supply.

It does use XD cards, but these can be found quite cheap on 7dayshop or such.

  hzhzhzhz 11:34 17 Nov 2007

Nikon L12

  hzhzhzhz 11:37 17 Nov 2007

ooops,no viewfinder. :-(

  Simsy 11:48 17 Nov 2007

I'm getting drawn toward the Canons... as far as I can see the Fuji's don't have an optical viewfinder? Do they?

And the Canon 460 seems to have a smaller screen...

I'm getting drawn towards the Canon Powershot 560.
It may have mor eoptions than I'd like, but at least there's a fighting chance of me being able to help with that one!.

Any more suggestions are very welcome.!




  Simsy 11:52 17 Nov 2007

this viewfinder thing does seem to be falling into the "hen's teeth" availability status!



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