Hearing Line-In Audio through PC Speakers

  Esc4p3 14:15 13 Jan 2009

Hi, on my old Win Me PC when I connected my Hi-Fi line out to my Creative soundcard to record some Vinyl to MP3, I could hear (monitor) the recorded sound coming out of my PC Speakers. However, I now have a Creative X-Fi Extreme Audio and Windows Vista, and although recording is fine there is no sound coming out of the PC speakers. Can you please advise what I need to do to enable the sound. Thanks in advance.

  Jim_F 14:51 13 Jan 2009

I'm not sure what the Xi Fi mixer looks like in Vista but on my Audigy I set the playback device to 'Line in' and the Recording device to 'What U Hear'. Both Speakers(Playback Devices) and What U Hear(Record Devices) are set as enabled and Default.

(The two sets of devices are visible when you right click the Volume icon on the task bar - at least this is how my system works !)

  Esc4p3 19:22 13 Jan 2009

My X-Fi drivers do not support 'what u hear' as I am on Vista. I have a previous version of the driver that did support the feature but then my Microphone was not recognised and I could not use Skype - so perhaps that is my issue....

  Jim_F 20:31 13 Jan 2009

Strange - I am on Vista and get those mixer options - I was told the Audigy drivers were moded X-Fi's :)

  Jim_F 00:19 14 Jan 2009

Can you set analogue mix (record) and line in (playback) - that works for me as well.

  john bunyan 21:28 14 Jan 2009

I use X Fi on XP. There are settings in the XFi menu - I found your problem when the system had mysteriously switched the X Fi to games mode. The speakers came on when I altered the setting back to , I think music etc. I had to use the headphone out of the player (cassette and vinyl) to the microphone input of the X Fi. I use Roxio Creator 2009 to capture and edit the tapes etc, and have at last found how to edit them! I did try the Creative software supplied with the X Fi but found Roxio easier. Do look at the details on the X Fi settings.

  john bunyan 21:37 14 Jan 2009

The setting is in the Creative Audio Console in the X Fi (in the Creative folder.)

  Esc4p3 14:18 15 Jan 2009

But I am not sure the audio console properly works on my vista despite various re-installs. I have the tabs 'speakers', 'eax effects', 'x-fi CMSS', 'x-fi crystalizer', 'SPDIF', 'headphone detection', 'performance' and 'restore defaults'. Nothing about games or music.... :(

  john bunyan 16:31 15 Jan 2009

Esc4p3. In mine there is a tab: Mode. In this I selected: Audio Creation Mode.I think Enternainment mode is also ok. For some reason my card had switched to games mode. I wonder if when one tries to put a jack into the line in it affects this feature? Anyway in the end I found using a headphone out on the player and microphone in on the XFi worked in the end.

  Esc4p3 14:18 16 Feb 2009

I ended up reinstalling the driver and it is fine now.... ticking resolved, thanks.

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