Headphones from TV

  Mill Reef. 12:24 13 Feb 2006

My sister like to have the sound on her tv nice and quiet,but her husband is a bit deaf so he wants it louder.They put headphones into the tv then flick a switch which allows sound out of the tv speakers and the headphone.she turns the sound down and her husband turns the headphones up with the headphone volume controle,so they have the best of both worlds.Now on there portable tv when they plug the headphones in it cuts the speakers out.Is there anyway to make it work like there other tv,so they can get sound from tv speakers and headphone at same time.Thank for any help.Peter

  anchor 13:13 13 Feb 2006

I am sure that a radio/TV engineer could either change, or make the small adjustment to the headphone socket to allow the internal speaker to work when the headphones are plugged in.

This should not cost a lot as it is a simple task.

  Diemmess 17:52 13 Feb 2006

There is/was an outlet at the back of many VCRs which accept phono plugs for connection to a HiFi (in an auxiliary mode.) I expect that most headhones too can use this signal.

If you have such a setup then the control of the TV and that of the H/Phones remain independent.
Assuming of course that the VCR is on the same channel. You might need a long lead !! :o)

  DieSse 19:13 13 Feb 2006

Or you may be able to use a SCART lead from the back of the TV which has audio leads broken out to feed headphones. Your local TV/Radio shop should be able to help. Cheaper than having a TV technician get inside your TV to modify it!.

  Mill Reef. 08:06 14 Feb 2006

Thanks everyone for replying.I am back to see my sister this weekend,i will look into the VCR situation.Thanks Peter

  De Marcus™ 12:41 14 Feb 2006

I know this isn't the best solution but you could always purchase a set of small 2.1 desktop speakers and a splitter, basically using the splitter to plug both headphones and 2.1 speakers into.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:57 14 Feb 2006

HAve a set of wireless heaphones (£17 from Lidal)connected to a scart adaptor (click here ) in the back of the TV. sondcan be set on the TV as normal plus the headphones have a volume control to turn up to your own preference.

Ideal for us "old uns"

  Mill Reef. 16:08 14 Feb 2006

Thanks Fruit Bat for your reply.Who is Lidal and any idea where i would get one of those Scart Adapters.Also i think my sisters potable tv only has one scart socket,This would not matter if they are watching a tv programme, but if they where watching a video they would have to have the scart lead into the tv.Thanks Again.Peter

  DieSse 17:32 14 Feb 2006

As I said earlier - if you go into a TV/Radio shop and ask them for a SCART lead with the sound broken out, they'll be able to help.

This should be a standard SCART cable (so the VCR will work), with two cables the come out from one end, for you to plug the headphones into. If they haven't got one, they're easy to make and a technician will be able to make one for you.

I think it's Lidl that is being talked about above. But you can get wireless headphones from just about anywhere. Do get a good pair, there's a world of difference. I recently replaced my cheapo set with a Sony set, and the difference is breathtaking in oth sound and comfort.

  jack 17:35 14 Feb 2006

Lidle is a small spuiermarket popping up here there every where- But the Hardware lines are not regular stock but on a cyle basis in some stores.
click here for the regular news letter.

If the poerable TV in question switches off the set speak when headphones are in then as described a small 2way adapter with 3mm pin and 2 3mm sockets is an answer which will allow a small computer speaker set to be plugged one side and phones the other.

Wireless Head phones are also available in Argos.
But this wont solve the isolating speaker problem in the portable.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:24 14 Feb 2006

click here scart adaters

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