Curio 18:25 09 Feb 2006

Getting a bit ahead of myself, I contacted Telewest about requirements for HDTV. Told me naturally enough I would need HD ready TV. Also would require their TV Drive recorder to make it work. This would make my recently bought HDD DVD Recorder redundant. £15 per month rental for the TV Drive as well! Seems an expensive deal at the moment, I may stay with 625 lines to the bitter end click here

  anskyber 20:05 09 Feb 2006

Not sure I have understood you here. Yes you do need a HD ready TV but that will not give HD reception you will need a decoder to feed the digital signal by DVI or HDMI to your tv. Any recorder will record it but you will need a suitable DVI or HDMI to record after the decoder

  Curio 20:42 09 Feb 2006

Yes I have a HD ready TV. Yes I know i need a decoder. It is the fact that What has being offered by Telewest is this TV Drive Recorder and no other options. Will I be able to get a decoder for use on their Cable TV, or am I stuck with this solitary option?

  amonra 20:12 10 Feb 2006

Dont panic Curio, all this hype about HDTV is just that, HYPE ! The number of programs that are available for broadcast using the new standard are very thin on the ground and any existing films that are suitable will only be shown on "premium" channels. The extra costs involved in making new programs in HD format are quite hefty, so dont expect all your favourites to appear on opening night. Plus the fact that the TV manufacturers seem to be lagging slightly. perhaps they know something we dont !

  Curio 20:22 10 Feb 2006

I Think I will sit back and watch what happens for the time being

  Carbonara 13:27 11 Feb 2006

Very true, it is being hyped up so that people think that all they need is a TV set that is HD Ready, as pointed out above you also need a decoder, for Sky this means a new box AND a £10 subscription (extra)

  anskyber 16:46 11 Feb 2006

I think it is more that if you are changing a television which you hope to last say 8-10 years or more then it would be very shortsighted to do so without it being HD Ready. Yes there are few programmes now in HD but the BBC and others are already making programmes in HD for the future.

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