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  Sparkly 14:24 03 Nov 2006

Hi everyone can you help with this query? I have an LCD 37" HD Ready tv and i would like to get a HDMI DVD Player, i have noticed that on some of the cheaper dvd players in their description they say HDMI upscaling whilst the more exspencive ones just say HDMI Socket. Can you help with which is best to go for the cheaper with the upscaling or pay out for the dearer one,and is the picture quality reflected in the price difference? Thanks for any help with this.

PS Sorry if posted in wrong forum.

  De Marcus™ 13:30 04 Nov 2006

Unless they're are labelled as blue ray or HD DVD then they are all upscaling the signal.

  Sparkly 14:00 04 Nov 2006

Thanks for your reply De Marcus i shall have to look closely at what i decide to purchase.

  De Marcus™ 15:16 04 Nov 2006

The problem with buying a true hd dvd player is a little complicated, there's a format war going on at the moment between blu-ray and hd dvd, each using different laser technology (remember VHS and betamax?) Not only that is the lack of any kind of content to play on these at present.

These sort of True HD players are new to the market, I'd suggest holding off for a while until a) the prices come down or b) the prices come down and a dual compatibility drive is released or c) the prices come down and the competing formats agree on one (not gonna happen anytime soon, if ever)

Or if you've plenty of cash and aren't bothered about those points above then click here


  Sparkly 15:58 04 Nov 2006

Unfortunatly your link is a tad out of my range all i would like is a decent HD Player to give me a great picture and able to link it up to my surround sound system.
Thanks for your help

  siouxah1 15:25 05 Nov 2006

This is very much my opinion. If you get 10 replies you will no doubt be given 10 differing replies.

Toshiba 350E
Panasonic EX75 or 85

I have used the three above and all will output 576p, 720p and 1080i.

The Toshiba I use connected to the TV by HDMI cable for playing DVD films and it gives excellant results at 1080i. About £75.

The Panasonic EX75 I use to feed my Sky standard box to the TV.SCART sky to Panasonic, HDMI 1080i Panasonic to TV at 1080i. Again excellant results. (The 75 about £350 with 160 Gb HDD and the 85 £450 with 250 gb HDD) I use this because of the recording function. Will not however playback DivX. If that is a requirement.

The LG is not used at the moment, about £80 if I remember correctly. Not used because it could be tempremental outputting 1080i. But gave a reasonable picture at 1080i when it managed to connect.

They are all capable of 576p, 720p and 1080i upscaling. I think most that have HDMI out supply these resolutions but always look in the specifications on line. If these are no longer available then a near model number up should do the trick.

Some have the opinion that you should output 576pfrom your DVD player and allow the TV to upscale to its native resolution. My TV is 1398 x 766. Others, myself included say output from the DVD at 1080i and let the TV deal with it as it will.

It's all a matter of perception and personal preference. As to the picture quality being tied to price then possibly yes, if you pay huge amounts of money but at my level it seems that the picture quality comes with make and the software and chip they use. For me the above three machines that I have used will give a good return for your money.

As far as HDMI cables are concerned. I use £30 out of ARGOS two metres. Tested that against a Belkin 1 metre at £39 and could not see any difference. Have not tried to compare yet, but DABS.com do one for £7.50. I have one but not yet tested.

Hope you get what you need and enjoy it.


  Sparkly 18:28 05 Nov 2006

Hi Brian thanks for your reply and your opinion on the dvd players i purchased a matsui 37" HD Ready tv about 3 months ago and do want to get a player that gives an exellent picture, i have looked at some on the argos website allso woolworths and ebuyer and you seem to be able to pick them up around the £69.00 mark but i was unsure of what their picture would be like i think i will go for around the £100.00 price tag it just knowing a good and reliable make.The tv i have says the max resolution is 1366x768 and a contrast ratio of 1000:1 and thats the numbers i have been looking for on the dvd players i have looked at but as i have been told by De Marcus they all use this upscaling process most of them offering Upscales resolution to 1080i/720p. Thanks for your help.

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