HDMI or Scart?

  kull34 21:19 15 Feb 2007

I am about to purchase a Panasonic DMREX75 DVD Recorder and will be connecting it to a 40 inch Sony LCD TV. I have been reading some of the threads in this forum to try to establish whether a HDMI cable is a necessity and it is obvious that there is a diversity of opinion. A colleague at work is adamant that I won't notice any difference using HDMI.

May I ask those forum members who are really clued up on this subject, would there be any apprecible difference using HDMI as opposed to using the Scart lead I already have.


  jack 11:53 16 Feb 2007

Computer wise I cant tell the difference on my Phillips 190X6 It has both, with the HDMI to the computer and the standard monitor cable to the KVA switch for when machines in for repair are hooked up.

I imagine this mill be much the same HDMI/SCART- each carries component data RGB audio on separate channels as opposed to single wire RCA type cable.

So IMHO go for the SCART and leave it at that.
There is so much else that can affect image quality
both electrically/electronically- room viewing conditions and last but not least the viewer- not many of the population can claim 20 20 vision.

  bremner 12:25 16 Feb 2007

HDMI is purely digital, scart is analogue so there is bound to be degredation in the convertion process - enough to for a noticable difference? I don't know.

However if you are going to get an HD receiver, Sky+ or Virgin Media HD then an HDMI will be essential

  kull34 20:25 16 Feb 2007

Thank you both for your response. I will start with a my Scart lead and if I think the image quality isn't satisfactory then I will try an HDMI lead to see if there is any improvement.

Once again, thank you both.


  g0nvs 20:46 16 Feb 2007

For best picture choose HDMI.

  De Marcus™ 21:15 16 Feb 2007

For standard TV broadcasts your colleague is correct, you won't notice any difference. That's where your colleague stops being correct. For DVD playback, the difference in quality is miles apart. You have a player capable of outputting (upscaling) to a an HD resolution, this makes a big difference when watching films. You also don't need an 80 squid cable either, argos sell HDMI cables that perform great for a few quid (not sure exactly how much). If you really need proof, buy an HDMI cable from argos (money back guarantee) and compare the picture quality between the two watching the same DVD (you may have to set aside approximately 1 minute to decide this).

  kull34 21:56 16 Feb 2007


Thanks for your advice, much appreciated.

De Marcus™

Thanks for your advice. I was going to try a HDMI cable and compare it against my Scart cable. I will buy it from John Lewis as they are excellent with refunds. I buy most things for the home from them and find them excellent. I will leave this thread open and post my findings in due course.


  Stuartli 01:34 17 Feb 2007

An HDMI connection should provide superior displays, but quality Scart leads with gold plated connections doe make a substantial difference.

  Whaty 17:27 17 Feb 2007

Purely from what I've read and not through personal experience, my understanding is that the Panasonic DMR-EX75 is cabable of upscaling DVD's but only when using an HDMI cable.

I recently bought a Toshiba LCD TV and a Panasonic DMR-EX85. I did invest in a high quality (and fairly expensive) HDMI cable and the performance when watching DVD's, recordings made to the HD and DTV through the DVD recorder is excellent, I'm extremely pleased.

Before I made my purchases I read up on this quite a bit, magazines, reviews, forums, etc and and the general opinion was always to go for a 'quality' HDMI cable connection.

I haven't tried a scart so unfortunately I can't offer you a comparision.

  raven151058 00:51 18 Feb 2007

HDMI should be better is the cable cost the problem? if so look for a cheap one on the net I paid £8 for mine about a year ago.

Picture qualty varies widely within any cable type I've seen scart images looking not much better or poor compared to older composite types just because the source device is poor.

The old adage is crap in crap out.

  dms05 13:35 18 Feb 2007

I seem to remember reading that HDMI cables are necessary between all components if HD (TV DVD etc) is required. Not using HDMI in only one part of the loop will result in the whole loop reverting to VHS quality. Is this correct?

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