HDMI Cables

  Mr "B" 09:21 09 Mar 2008

Hi, I'm taking delivery of my new HD tv&DVD player this week and i need a HDMI cable. Can anyone please help and advise me on what to look for cause i know very little about this part of it and if there are any websites to purchase these. Play.com have got some good offers but i don't know if they are of a good standard. Cheers

  bowman 10:31 09 Mar 2008

I have found this site good...
click here

Remember you only get what you pay for, so I would go with the mid range priced cables and you should be ok.

  anskyber 22:19 09 Mar 2008

bowman has said it all.

You can buy HDMI cables just about anywhere these days and certainly from the usual high street outlets. From a few pounds upwards.

I use the Ixos Studio cables, I have three but excellent thought they are the budget may limit your ambitions!

  bowman 07:33 11 Mar 2008

This site is also worth a look...

click here

  Covergirl 12:54 11 Mar 2008

Tesco; Morrisons; Poundland or if you've got loads of cash to throw about you could try Currys or Comet.

Start with the cheapest and if you encounter any problems drop outs etc step up a bit and you've not lost much.


  Stuartli 20:23 15 Mar 2008

The better the cable, the superior the end result.

  STREETWORK 20:35 16 Mar 2008

Its worth remembering that HDMI cables are only one-way, so to play TV sound through a amplifier or surround sound system you will still need a scart cable...

  esbe 16:46 17 Mar 2008

Aldi are selling them next week.

click here


  blahdeblah 11:57 21 Mar 2008

I have a 42" 1080p LCD TV (LG).. Bought a £60 HDMI (QED) cable to go with it for our Virgin TV box. Works a treat.

Bought a PS3 + £13 HDMI cable. That also works a treat and damned if I could see the difference between the cables. Now I am not saying that there is not a difference, just that is was not noticable.

As for surround sound through the TV. Luckily, the TV has an optical output and the surround sound amp has an optical input. Hey presto, surround sound from the PS3 or quiter 2 channel sound through the TV when listenign at night ;)

Basically, I would opt for the cheaper cable.

  Arnie 15:24 24 Mar 2008

You're so right.

Some HDMI cable prices are a rip-off.
Here is a digital broadcast engineer's view.
It's quite technical but yet readable.

click here

Because the site uses a white print, black background abomination, stroke your mouse across the print to highlight it.

There are many other sites which agree with the aforementioned engineer's views.

Basically unless the cable is in excess of 10 metres or so, a £5 to £10 cable will suffice.
In this case, gold plated contacts within the connectors are a good idea.
This is because most, if not all TV HDMI pinned sockets will be gold plated, so a good contact will be assured.

The ones that ALDI are selling this Tuesday for £4.99 are gold plated and triple copper shielded.

Judging by the quality of their past cables I have bought from them they will be terrific value for money.

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