HDD Conflicts with Built in Freeview-Why?

  Kooji 18:02 05 Dec 2007

Can someone help,
I have a Toshiba Regza TV with built in Freeview. I purchased a Tevion HDD recorder also with built in Freeview. When I connected them together, I find when watching the TV , part of the picture pixelates and the sound 'cracks'. Also when I switch over to viewing a programme via the HDD (Freeview ) the picture jumps formats and shrinks and grows at will. Is this normal. Why are they conflicting and can it be rectified. Also, how do you connect them together. ie which lead goes where. (just in case I have made a fundamental mistake, when setting it up) Idiot proof answers would be much appreciated please??



  David4637 12:08 06 Dec 2007

Does the TV give a good picture without the recorder being connected? Make sure it is OK first then someone might be able to help with the scart connections etc. David

  Kooji 12:38 06 Dec 2007


Thanks for your response. When I use the T.V. on it's own to view any digital channels it is fine, however when I try to view them via the other (external freeview recorder) it then goes haywire. I wonder why? I will say that the instructions supplied with the Tevion HDD are rather vague about which is the best way to 'connect the unit to the T.V.' there seems to be no diagrams etc. which is not really helping, hence my question above.


  anchor 17:34 08 Dec 2007

I know nothing about this model. However, the most common way to connect a HDD recorder to a TV is via a scart lead.

I assume the recorder has a scart AV-out socket on the back, which should be connected to the scart AV-in socket of the TV.

How are you connected at present?. To be frank, it sounds as though there may be a fault on the recorder.

  Kooji 17:49 08 Dec 2007

I have taken advice from a friend of mine and like yourself, he thought there may be a fault with the HDD unit. Since my first post I have tried several different ways to 'connect the unit the the TV' without success. I have since returned the Tevion unit and collected a full re-fund. I'll look around for another brand of recorder and try again.

Many Thanks


  anchor 11:43 09 Dec 2007

Glad you got a refund.

I have a Panasonic, which also has a DVD reader/writer, and is excellent.

Many people on this forum highly recommend the Humax, which does not have the DVD.

click here

  Jim Thing 20:49 09 Dec 2007

"Many people on this forum highly recommend the Humax, which does not have the DVD."

I have a Humax PVR9200T and it's a great piece of kit — but IMO it's really only suitable for time-shifting and useful tricks like pausing live TV, etc. I've found it both difficult and time-consuming (to say the least) to transfer stuff from its hard drive onto DVD via my Panasonic DVD recorder.

  anchor 10:13 10 Dec 2007

Jim Thing: It depends if Kooji wishes to subsequently record to DVD. If they only want to record programmes for later viewing, then the Humax PVR-9200TB would be fine.

On the other hand, if they wish to make DVD recordings, (and also have a good DVD Player), I would suggest they consider the, (albeit more expensive), Panasonic. I have one, and its excellent.

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