hdd camcorders

  ROBINSON CRUSO 08:39 05 Sep 2007


im looking to purchase a hdd camcorder and i want to get a sony but im dont know weather to get a expensive or cheap one as people say the quality on the expensive one is better but looking at the spec the sony 72e compared to the 190e and 290e dont look any differant except for the still picture taking

can any advise which is better and what are the difference in quality


below is the link to the spec

click here

  Wilham 23:05 07 Sep 2007

My son showed me his new Canon camcorder last week. I expressed surprise it was mini DV, I thought the latest models had HDD storage.

He said HDD camcorders did not have high enough definition to match the new HDTV he was getting.

He's usually sharp on such matters,... I can't comment.

  anchor 16:02 08 Sep 2007

Looking at the pixel spec there is a vast difference between them.

When shooting in 16:9 ratio, the lowest model has only about one third of the best.

I have not read any reviews of these models, but in principle the DCR-SR290E should give significantly superior pictures.

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