HD Set Top Box

  smithmiller6 14:43 07 Sep 2009


I really really need some help here. I have an old analogue tv hooked up to an outdoor antenna which works great and don’t want to have to go out and buy a new hd tv just to get the extra channels.
I was advised that all I needed to o was to buy a hd digital set top box and I would be able to access the extra channels without the hd picture quality, however for whatever reason I cannot get the set top box to work at all on my tv.

Do I need something else to get the new channels...Please can someone help me out here. am so confused!...Thanks

  Pamy 16:23 07 Sep 2009

you do not nead an HD (High Definition) set top box , just a standard digital set top box(about £15-£24) Your Old telly is not HD ready, therefore cannot get HD at all

  Stuartli 17:55 07 Sep 2009

You have been given some duff advice.

Your HD set top box will be for Freesat (HD STBs for Freeview are some time off yet) and receives transmissions, in common with Sky, via a satellite dish.

What you require is a Freeview set top box which can, as Pamy suggests, be bought from around £20 upwards.

You connect your TV aerial input to the STB and use a Scart lead to connect the box to the TV.

If you wish to continue to use analogue service whilst they are still available (perhaps for Ceefax or Teletext), you will need to add an aerial extension from the STB; you will need an STB with an RF throughput for this purpose.

  Stuartli 17:58 07 Sep 2009

If you received the advice from a retailer then take the STB back, point out it was incorrect and that you require your money back.

Then go and buy a Freeview STB from an outlet that has more knowledgeable staff...:-)

  oresome 19:55 07 Sep 2009

Question 1 is: Does your TV have a scart socket?

If it does, the advise given above is OK, but the TV will have to be changed to the AV channel to receive signals from the set top box.

  Stuartli 00:14 08 Sep 2009

>>but the TV will have to be changed to the AV channel to receive signals from the set top box.>>

That's always been the case.

However, if you switch an analogue TV on followed by the set top box (if a Scart connection is used), the switchover to DTB is automatic.

  smithmiller6 19:05 08 Sep 2009

[url=click here]Set-Top Boxes[/url]

  Stuartli 19:12 08 Sep 2009

What is the point of an Australian link?

  Stuartli 19:18 08 Sep 2009

Just remembered that Australia has had high definition DTB transmissions in many of its states for several years, but the the set top boxes are not available in the UK.

My five or six-year-old Twinhan Freeview DTB PCI TV card is high definition compatible, which is why it was very popular Down Under at the time I bought it.

I know that some HD DTB transmissions may/will become available when Winter Hill undergoes the digital switchover in a few weeks' time, but there's unlikely to be any equipment to be able to receive it for a while.

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