HD Ready TV - it's a con ?

  Kalb 11:30 12 Jul 2008

Have I missed something or are we all being taken for a ride by this 'HD Ready' business.
All the LCD & Plasma TV's I've looked at have a built in digital freeview receiver ( some still have an analogue receiver !! )but if I wish to receive HD I have to buy an additional HD Receiver. Why can't the onboard receiver be an HD one ?
My Panasonic PVR with DVD etc all singing all dancing machine with built in digital receiver will have to be changed if I wish to receive or play/record HD or HD DVD.
How much does an HD Receiver cost ?
Have you tried to buy an HD DVD player ?
Is the future really HD or are we being conned ?

  Pamy 12:11 12 Jul 2008

If your TV was not HD ready, then you would not only have to buy a HD receiver but also a new TV.

  Kalb 13:24 12 Jul 2008

Currently we only have three HD providers and their output in HD is very restricted...Sky HD, Virgin Media & Freesat. Satellite HD receivers are freely available and you do not have to sign any contracts...HD transmissions are available on a variety of channels from Europe.
To answer one of my own questions I have been reliable informed that the reason you can't get HD on Freeview Digital Receivers incorporated in most HD Ready TV's is because there isn't enough frequency space to transmit the HD signal

  Stuartli 13:38 12 Jul 2008

>>I have been reliable informed that the reason you can't get HD on Freeview Digital Receivers incorporated in most HD Ready >>

You have been unreliably informed...:-)

The reason is that Freeview digital terrestial channels are transmitted at very low frequencies over the analogue transmissions - once full strength digital signals can be transmitted following the switchover from analogue to digital by 2012, there will be sufficient bandwidth for HD if necessary.

>>"some still have an analogue receiver !!">>

Those of us who still use VCRs and other analogue devices are catered for with this apparently, to you, undesirable addition..:-)

In any case, all that a Freeview set top box or tuner does is convert the digital signals back to analogue; if it didn't, you wouldn't be able to use an analogue TV before or after the switchover..:-)

An HD ready TV with an analogue tuner

  Stuartli 13:40 12 Jul 2008

You are probably confusing the new BBC/ITV Freesat service, which does offer HD, with the digital terrestial Freeview transmissions.

The former is received via satellite.

  Stuartli 13:44 12 Jul 2008

Panasonic has just launched three new large screen televisions which incorporate Freesat HD and Freeview tuners - it may surprise you to know that an analogue tuner is also featured.

click here

  al7478 14:33 12 Jul 2008

the former is recieved by satellite? are'nt both SD and HD recieved by satellite with freesat, as with, say, sky hd?

a friend and i were wondering about these new freesat TVs. Do i take it that they can show hd just with the addition of a dish, and no set top box is necassary?

  Stuartli 16:12 12 Jul 2008

If you follow the link I provided, you'll find that the three Panasonics sets (the first with the feature) include a Freesat HD tuner.

All you need is a dish; if you have one already, using an LNB with dual or quad output will enable you to have both Sky and Freesat - or just ditch Sky.

You can buy a SD or HD Freesat set top box. See:

click here

  al7478 17:03 12 Jul 2008

yes i know you can have sky too, i was just confused by your Sat, 12/07/[email protected]:40 post. I'm not sure what you mean by the former is recieved by satellite. Everything you mention in that post is recieved by satellite as far as i can tell.

Thanks for the confirmation on the freesat TVs.

  Stuartli 20:09 12 Jul 2008

>>i was just confused by your Sat, 12/07/[email protected]:40 post>>

It was referring to Kalb's comments in his opening posting referring to both Freeview and HD in the one paragraph, asking why the "on board receiver can't be an HD one?"

As you will appreciate, Freeview (formerly ON/ITVDigital) was around long before HD was around.

  al7478 20:42 12 Jul 2008

All this freeview/sat/hd/sd gets confusing.

Does make me think tho. they obviously can build hd capability into TVs when it pleases them, and set top boxes.

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