Having troble installing program from a DVD disc

  Anti_Virus 13:51 09 Dec 2006

Hi, I've just bought the 'Driving Test Success - All Tests 2006/07' cd to install on my computer. However, it comes in a dvd-rom format (I tink this is because of the amount of hazard perception video content, or maybe because there's more space available on a dvd disc, i don't know.) Anyway, when I put it into my Disc drive it says i put in a dvd and i can't install it. When I right click the D:/ icon in "My Computer" the computer kinda freezes, but if you wait long enough, the drop down list will appear. Then when I click "Explore" to try and find the install program, another semi crash, and I come up with an explorer window, with a blank space. Basically when I explore the cd/dvd, windows thinks there's nothing in it. Now before anyone asks, I do have a DVD drive, so that can't be the problem. Also, when I put it into my reasonlably old laptop (which has a dvd drive) it worked. A menu popped up automatically prompting me to install the program. So it can't be a fault with the cd which was what i thought. Now, i know Sims 2 was in dvd format, so maybe someone has experienced a similar problem. If anyone can help me it would be great. Oh, and also, before anyone asks, my brother uses the laptop at college, so I can't use that all week.

  peter4076 16:44 13 Dec 2006

I don't know if this would help, couple of weeks back I purchaseed the Encarta Reference DVD, I couldn't load it all, so after a few failed attempts, wrapped it back up for postage back to Amazon, when I thought I would try it in my DVD writer and it loaded atreat, so fault was my DVD-ROM drive, so for £12.00 from ebuyer I purchased the above.
ps. I agree it must be the size of the software loading, but now everything installs a lot quicker.

  Terry Brown 16:16 14 Dec 2006

Download a program called CDCHECK (version 3), which has a recover option, which enables you to copy the DVD to your hard drive in it entirety. Run the install from the hard drive, and your problem should be solved.

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