Hauppauge External USB Win TV Nova DVB-T

  Greengage 12:25 25 Mar 2008

I have had this external TV "card" for some years now and it has always worked OK except for the fact that whenever you muck about with it or do a fresh scan for programs you always have to switch off, unplug, wait 30 seconds and re-plug to ensure it subsequently works. I've noticed that in recent times I have been unable to get ITV, Ch4,Ch5 together with other channels - ITV2,3&4, QVC and more - when I could before. I run it off a proper domestic aerial and have re-scanned several times but I still get the same result. Have checked on drivers but I am running the latest. Has anyone ideas as to how it has stopped functioning for these "missing" channels/programs or have I missed any recent legislation affecting freeview?

  Esc4p3 13:10 25 Mar 2008

I have the same product, and have found the Win TV application that comes with the package to be somewhat flaky - what I mean is that it doesn't provide a very good picture, stuttery (my PC is well up to the task) and it does not find all the channels.

Instead I use the product with Windows Media Centre (Vista or XP) if that option is open to you. With WMC I get more channels and a more stable picture. So that would be my suggestion, there are probably other TV players out there as well.

  amonra 13:22 25 Mar 2008

If you have lost some channels, then I would suspect an aerial problem. I have the PCI card version and it works reasonably well. It does have the occasional hiccup but a general "fiddle" seems to sort it out. My aerial signal is a bit dodgy so I was rather surprised it worked as well as it does. Have a check on your aerial leads ???

  Greengage 14:39 25 Mar 2008

I am grateful for your responses. I have checked the aerial lead and all seems OK -I have always received a good picture anyway. When I scan it appears to find the channels eg ITV but when you click on the channel afterwards the picture freezes on the channel you were on previously.

  john bunyan 18:17 25 Mar 2008

Greengage. I agree with Esc4p3 re Media centre. I had some freezing up issues on an internal card which improved when I updated my video card drivers (NVidia 7800GTX) . Also the Happuage technical people in London were very helpful on the phone over another issue.

  Greengage 19:42 25 Mar 2008

Thank you.

  MCE2K5 02:09 26 Mar 2008

Download and Run This ScanChannelsBDA_UK.exe
click here

To check signal strength.

  Greengage 13:53 26 Mar 2008

Thought I'd let you know how I got on. By the way MCE2K5, the program from your link showed "Checking for new BDA DVB-T Cards-no cards found" when I was actually using the program with BBC1 playing. I have uninstalled and re-installed Win TV NOVA and the rest of the installation programs about six times now. Each time there is something different not working-TV & Radio without any sound, no radio programs scanned, then Boot dsp error, and others. So it went on. Even using system restore back to two days ago would not let me access Win TV Nova. In the end, I have done the final re-install from the original disk-previously I was using the latest downloaded application and drivers 2.17g-and have now got driver version 2.15a installed. I've got sound on TV and Radio but the I still cannot get the channels which are the subject of this particular thread. Looks like I will have to manage without all the ITVs, Channels 4 & 5 and even QVC!

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