The growth of the European digital camera market

  anchor 13:06 12 Oct 2005

Just read this:

Market research carried out by InfoTrends/CAP Ventures found that only 26% of Western European households owned a digital camera last year, a figure that is expected to rise to 39% this year. Indeed 85% of digital camera customers last year were first time buyers.

They found that the "digital SLR" market was the fastest growing segment of the Western European market last year. Indeed, the "digital SLR" market is expected to grow by an incredible 264% in 2005.

  anchor 12:16 19 Oct 2005


  Kase 13:09 19 Oct 2005

I have just been blessed with a second hand Canon OES D60 Digital SLR Camera by a relation who has upgraded to the latest Canon Digital SLR. The spec is amazing and the Camera in use a dream. The Camera is now 3 years old but for me a big upgrade (I was using a Fujifilm MX-700 Digital) it came with a OES 28-80mm and a OES 75-300mm lens both of approx 1995 vintage but nevertheless for me as starters good quality lenses. The Camera has a 256mb smart Card(approx 80 pic shots) and a 1GB Microdrive IBM Card. I have just taken the Camera on a holiday in Spain for a test and in use the battery usage was great. I have just received my December Copy of Pc Advisor and read the article on Digital SLR Cameras and can understand why Pc Advisa chose the Canon OES Digital Rebel XT as the Recommended Camera. Digital SLR is the way to take photographs the ease of SLR and the addition of Digital technology makes the perfect combination.

  pip22 17:45 23 Oct 2005

Kase, I have actually gone the other way in a manner of speaking. For twenty years I've been using a Pentax film SLR camera, replete with two zoom lenses, a bigger flasghun etc etc, enough to fill a (very)large gadget bag. Over the years it became 'too unwieldy' to take anywhere so it got used less and less, despite my love of photography. Now that top-line digital compacts from the likes of Sony and Canon have become very sophisticated and with plenty of pixel-power (though that's not by any means the only consideration)I've treated myself to one, and it's with me wherever I go. That's more than I could claim for my SLR. I don't agree that "Digital SLR is the way to take photographs....." if by that you mean anything less is a waste of time and/or money. A digital SLR will of course, beat the pants off a point-and shoot any day in capable hands or in certain situations, but digital photography is not the preserve of dSLR owners alone.

  Stuartli 16:08 27 Oct 2005

>>both of approx 1995 vintage ..nevertheless good quality lenses>>

Superb camera lenses have been produced for many, many decades...:-)

My comparative youngster 1.8 Ashai Pentax Super Takumar, acquired in 1966, offers breathtaking performance and I've used far earlier manufactured lenses from most of the key Japanese brands that were its equal.

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