Goodmans freeview box update.

  robgf 01:27 18 Jan 2008

Despite having updates turned off, my freeview box decided to update its software last night.
Unfortunately this had the effect of changing the original nice easy to use Electronic Programme Guide, for a crappy advert supported Teletex Extra guide, which doesn't work at all well on a small TV.
The update also knocked out the volume and mute controls.

If this happens to you, it is possible to revert to the original EPG in the configuration menu.
However there doesn't seem to be a cure for the sound problem and Googling shows several people with the same problem.

It's a shame the box is a month out of guarantee, otherwise I would take it back.
Makes you wonder if Goodmans deliberately send a buggy update, disabling controls, to get you to buy a new box.

  stanecho 15:02 18 Jan 2008

I have had the same problem , earlier in the week I turned the box on as normal , told me it would now update , this took forever and now takes me to this new advertiser sponsered programme guide,now every time I switch on the box it tells me it has to update. Spoke to an Indian lady on the Goodmans help desk who could'nt shed any light on the supposed update , told me the box was probably faulty added have a nice day and thanks for calling and the hung up !!! I have come to expect this type of customer service from most suppliers nobody seems to give a ......

  oresome 16:01 18 Jan 2008

A worrying development.

Smacks a little of Big Brother. You buy a product then have no control over the updates it receives and changes to it's operation. Not only that, you're force fed advertising material.

  robgf 01:08 19 Jan 2008

I agree, it is big brother type tactics.

I don't mind them sending updates (although as stanecho mentioned they do now take ages), but the new programme guide should have been offered as an option you could turn on, not set as the default.
I wasted quite a bit of time, reading through the help file, figuring out how to turn the advert supported version off.

And as for the update turning the volume control off. Don't they test the updates, I would have thought a priority would be to test every function still worked, before releasing the update.

I have sent Goodmans an email, asking if they intend to release a bug free version shortly. But no reply so far, not even an automated one.

  howard64 12:56 19 Jan 2008

have you tried disconnecting and leaving unplugged for a while and then setting up again as originally?

  robgf 01:31 20 Jan 2008

"have you tried disconnecting and leaving unplugged for a while and then setting up again as originally?"

Yep, tried that, but the update is still there and updating the listings takes a lot longer.
The annoying thing is the volume control no longer works, the volume bar moves, but the sound doesn't alter. So I have to keep getting the TV remote out as well.

Looks like I'm stuck with the problem. But the majority of the reviews I have read on Goodmans set top boxes, mention that they have failed around the one year old mark. So at thirteen months mine must be living on borrowed time anyway. :(

  anchor 15:52 20 Jan 2008

I would send a recorded delivery letter to the CEO at head office, stating your model number, and detailing the problem.

Chief Executive Officer,
Goodmans Industries Limited
Bush House,
The Waterfront
Elstree Road,
Elstree , Hertfordshire, WD6 3BS.

I had a Goodmans DAB radio/cassette/CD player, that developed a problem when 3 months out of warranty. After contacting head office, this was replaced with a new set.

  robgf 01:23 21 Jan 2008

Thanks for the address, I might just do that.

  Esc4p3 11:49 21 Jan 2008

I have a Grundig GDT2000 and the same problem (various Ferguson, Grundig and Thompson boxes also same problem), I avoided the update for as long as I could. You can only get the full 7 days epg if you leave it on standby all night, what a marvelous idea that is. I have gone back to the old style epg, but if you turn the box on and foget to cancel the nag-screen to download the 'other' epg, it downloads it anyway, and turns the epg option back to teletext extra. Grrr. I have already complained to Thompson (who I think own Grundig), but no response.

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