Good deal on a LG Cinema 3D TV?

  duke45 08:44 18 Jun 2012

Anyone have this TV or any opinions on it? Thank you.

  shizznet09 02:52 02 Jul 2012

3d conversion and control of 3d depth is always a great feature, but almost all 3d have this. Trumotion 120Hz is great for fast pace. Lg always has one of the biggest content to choose from. Magic Remote is similar to the wii, it makes everything much easier without all the buttons. 65 inch? 6 passive glasses? What more do you need?

  daveeed12 05:16 03 Jul 2012

My friend is also considering that tv, and I think it's a great choice. We're probably going to be gaming all day long the first day he gets it.

  JoeHill79 06:00 03 Jul 2012

I’ve seen that in a store and it looked like a really decent TV. LG is the second largest TV makers in the world and their work always amuse me somehow. I played around with this TV for a while and I find it really interesting. There were a lot of 3D contents to chose from and I also liked the glasses.

  wmary10 06:09 03 Jul 2012

I saw the same model of tv at WiS in Seoul and it was more than just a TV. It was more of a furniture that can change the entire look of a living room. I was really impressed with the thin frame design.

  redturtleneck 06:10 03 Jul 2012

My parent just got the exact same model and it is just so great. I was a little skeptical about them getting 3D tv because it was a lot of money and I didn’t think they were cool enough to really understand the 3D contents and all. But apparently I was wrong lol. The interface is so easy so they didn’t even read the instruction book, which is a huge step for them. They just played it around for a bit and taught themselves how to enjoy almost all the features on that TV.

  chasmithy 06:16 03 Jul 2012

I’m not sure if you’ve seen this TV in person yet or not but once you do, you will totally understand why LG named it as Cinema 3D. The cinema-like 3D experience was just amazing. I nearly dropped my jaw on the floor when I tried it at the mall. It was a real babe. Get it if you can afford. And tell me how good it is.

  aiato 06:16 03 Jul 2012

Does it have Dual Play mode? The link you provided says nothing about Dual Play mode but I found out (from LG website) that same 65LM6200 models have Dual Play function. I like LG’s Dual plays. It’s like you and your partner sees different images while playing. I used to play racing games on split monitors but this dual play doesn’t divide monitor. Each player can see full screen.

  Kevinbrown 07:09 03 Jul 2012

My wife wanted to have a big tv and since the price of this unit is the same as the 55" of other brands I chose this one. My wife's happy with it and I'm happy that she's happy with it.

  duke45 08:16 06 Jul 2012

Thanks guys for your answers but what about the price, is it cheaper when compared to other brands like Samsung?

  lhalfman 02:01 10 Jul 2012

It looks like a heck of a deal buddy. What are you waiting for? 65 inch cinema 3d will give the feel of a movie theater. Not only that but also the social network is a great additional feature. I hope you bought this cause I sure would have.

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