Going Digital

  gore 19:22 09 Oct 2008

I have just read the article 'Going Digital' in November PC Advisor and want to make my VCR redundant but have a large collection of Disney Movies, ( for the grand kids not me! ) I would love to transfer them to DVD but every method I have tried as failed due to the copy protection. Would any of the products in the article work? Plextor PX-AV200U or Magix Rescue, or does anyone know another method.

  Pine Man 19:29 09 Oct 2008

What you are asking for isn't allowed on this forum.

  sean-278262 16:03 11 Oct 2008

Pine man I was under the impression that back ups of products you legally own you are allowed to make copies of. Noting the CDs > MP3 as a prime example.

It is as far as I understand unchanged that it is OK provided it is for legal reasons. Same as I have a number of my DVDs ripped to play on my laptop rather than have to fish them out or take them with me when travelling.

@Gore doom9.net might be a good port of call provided you are doing it for the right reasons. If you plan to keep the VHS's and the VCR then it would be the same as doing your music CDs to mp3 or other formats.

  Pine Man 16:55 11 Oct 2008

I was under a different impression;-)

Is there an expert out there?

ps. I was in exactly the same position as gore and failed:-(

  ICF 17:30 11 Oct 2008

Have a look at this click here

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